Noriko H. Arai

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Noriko H. Arai
National Institute of Informatics
Information and Society Research Division
Job title
Doctor in Science
Other affiliation
The Graduate University for Advanced Studies


Noriko Arai received her doctoral degree in science from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1998.
Her research interests are mathematical logic, math education and computer supported collaborative learning, and she has been serving as program committee members in many international conferences in these research areas.
As the director of the center of Research Center for Community Knowledge at National Institute of Informatics (Japan), she is leading the two projects, Netcommons Project and Researchmap Project.
NetCommons is the most popular content management system used in Japanese schools. More than 2,500 schools are now using NetCommons as their homepages or groupwares.

Academic & Professional Experience

Mar 2008
Director, National Institute of Informatics, Research Center for Community Knowledge
Apr 2006
Professor, National Institute of Informatics, Information and Society Research Division

Awards & Honors

Apr 2010
Public Understanding Promotion Category, Prizes for Science and Technology, the Commendation for Science and Technology, The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Winner: Noriko H Arai,Ryuji Masukawa
Oct 2009
Japan Open Source Software Award, Information-Technology Promotion Agency, Japan
Winner: Noriko H Arai
Dec 2008
Nistep Award, National Institute of Science and Technology Policy
Winner: Noriko H Arai
Oct 2007
The winner of the 3rd International Software Competition (Beijing), IASTED
Jan 1985
MAGNA CUM LAUDE, University of Illinois
Winner: Noriko Arai

Published Papers

World history ontology for reasoning truth/falsehood of sentences: Event classification to fill in the gaps be-tween knowledge resources and natural language texts
Ai Kawazoe, Yusuke Miyao, Takuya Matsuzaki, Hikaru Yokono, Noriko Arai
Proceedings of LENLS 10      Oct 2013   [Refereed]
Takuya Matsuzaki, Hidenao Iwane, Hirokazu Anai and Noriko Arainai and Noriko Arai
Proceedings of the 6th International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing   73-81   Oct 2013   [Refereed]
岩根秀直, 松崎拓也, 穴井宏和, 新井紀子
人工知能学会全国大会論文集(CD-ROM)   27th ROMBUNNO.2A4-2   2013
松崎拓也, 岩根秀直, 穴井宏和, 相澤彰子, 新井紀子
人工知能学会全国大会論文集(CD-ROM)   27th ROMBUNNO.2A4-1   2013
MINAMI Yoshitaka,TAKEDA Hideaki,TAKEDA Hideaki,KATO Fumihiro,OHMUKAI Ikki,OHMUKAI Ikki,ARAI Noriko,JINBO Utsugi,ITO Motomi,KOBAYASHI Satoshi,KAWAMOTO Shoko
Lect Notes Comput Sci   7774 356-361   2013   [Refereed]

Books etc

イースト・プレス   Oct 2011   ISBN:4781690149
新井 紀子, 平塚 知真子, 松本 太佳司 (Part:Joint Work)
近代科学社   Aug 2011   ISBN:476490411X
新井 紀子
イースト・プレス   Jul 2011   ISBN:478169005X
新井 紀子
日本経済新聞出版社   Dec 2010   ISBN:4532316707
新井 紀子, 新井 敏康 (Part:Joint Work)
東京図書   Oct 2009   ISBN:4489020546

Association Memberships



How to prove it without talent
Noriko H. Arai
The Journal of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers   97(2) 140-143   Jan 2014   [Invited]
豊田 将士, 川本 佳代, 新井 紀子
JSiSE research report   25(6) 109-114   Mar 2011
ARAI Noriko, BANNAI Satoru
Journal of Information Processing and Management   54(9) 533-544   2011
A new online research service “ReaD&Researchmap” was officially launched in November 2011 as a result of full integration of the “ReaD”, Directory Database of Research and Development Activities provided by the Japan Science and Technology Agency ...
Yuasa Shinsuke, Kawamoto Kayo, Arai Noriko
IPSJ SIG Notes   2009(15) 83-90   Feb 2009
Recently, in order to promote logical thinking abilities of learners, learning methods using electronic bulletin boards in learning communities are studied. In 2002, we showed that such abilities can be promoted by writing own thoughts and opinion...

Conference Activities & Talks

Artificial Intelligence Challenge
Noriko H. Arai
5 Mar 2014   IBM Global Research
Effects of group inquiries in advanced mathematics on students' performance and attitudes
Miwa Inuduka, Noriko Arai
Eur15th Biennal Conference of theopean Association for Research in Learning and Instruction 2013   Aug 2013   


Noriko H. Arai   Software   Mar 2009 - Today
Noriko H. Arai   Software   Aug 2008 - Today
Noriko H. Arai   Software   Aug 2005 - Today

Social Contribution

[Interviewee, Media coverage cooperation]  5 Mar 2014
[Media coverage cooperation]  The New York Times  (Asia, Pacific, International Education)  29 Dec 2013
Can AI robot pass Todai entrance examination?
[Informant]  読売新聞海外版  3 Nov 2013
Aiming to develop an artificial intelligence robot smart enough to pass a University of Tokyo entrance exam, a group of researchers has been working on a project to find out its standard score and ascertain its chances of entering the nation’s top...
[Interviewee, Media coverage cooperation]  Fortune  30 Oct 2013
[Interviewee, Media coverage cooperation]  IEEE  Spectrum  21 Aug 2013

Research Areas


Committee Memberships

IASTED  CATE 2010 Program Committee
IASTED  CATE 2007 Program Committee
IASTED  IMSA 2007 Program Committee
IASTED  TABLEAUX 2000 Program Committee
IEEE  ICFEM 1997 Local Organizing Chair