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Nov 2014
Role of a retaining wall constructed of natural stones in plant biodiversity, Best Paper Award of The 4th International Conference on Geotechnique, Construction Materials and Environment, USQ, Brisbane, Australia, GEOMATE International Society
Winner: Taizo UCHIDA, Masaaki FURUNO, Takashi MINAMI, Sampei YAMASHITA, Tadashi UCHIYAMA, Teruo ARASE, Daisuke HAYASAKA
Mar 2014
Sosiety Award 2014, Pesticide Science Society of Japan

Published Papers

Fipronil application on rice paddy fields reduces densities of common skimmer and scarlet skimmer.
Kasai A, Hayashi TI, Ohnishi H, Suzuki K, Hayasaka D, Goka K
Scientific Reports   11 23055   Mar 2016   [Refereed]
The relation between road crack vegetation and plant biodiversity in urban landscape.
Uchida T, Xue JH, Hayasaka D, Arase T, Haller WT, Gettys LA
International Journal of GEOMATE   6(2) 885-891   Jun 2014   [Refereed]
Comparison of acute toxicity of two neonicotinoid insecticides, imidacloprid and clothianidin, to five cladoceran species
Hayasaka D, Suzuki K, Nomura T, Nishiyama M, Nagai T, Sánchez-Bayo F, Goka K.
Journal of Pesticide Science   38 44-47   2013   [Refereed]
Dispersal risk of timothy (Phleum pretense L.) through cloning from stem segments.
Uchida T, Arase T, Gettys LA, Haller WT, Hayasaka D.
Proceedings of the 4th Japan-China-Korea Grassland Conference   108-109   2012   [Refereed]
Differences in ecological impacts of systemic insecticides with different physicochemical properties on biocenosis of experimental paddy fields.
Hayasaka D, KorenagaT, Sánchez-Bayo F, Goka K.
Ecotoxicology   21 191-201   2012   [Refereed]

Books etc

Roll of curbside crack of road in urban biodiversity. In Geotechnique, Construction Material & Environment
Uchida T, Huan XJ, Hayasaka D, Arase T, Haller WT, Gettys LA. (Part:Joint Work)
The GEOMATE International Society, Mie, Japan   2013