Izumi Takamiya

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Izumi Takamiya
Kindai University
Faculty of Literature,Arts and Cultural Studies Department of Cultural and Historical Studies

Research Areas


Published Papers

Khaemwaset and his momument at North Saqqara: a record of multiple aspects of "the First Egyptologist".
Izumi Takamiya, Hiroyuki Kishiwagi & Sakuji Yoshimura
C.V. Gae, L. Bares, J. Jannak & J Krejci (eds.), Time, Signs and Pyramids: Studies in honour of Miroslav Verner on the occasion of his seventieth birthday. Prague/ Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Pregue   401-421   2011   [Invited]
Variations in Lithic Production at Hierakonpolis: A preliminary report from the excavation of HK11C Square A6-A7.
Izumi Takamiya/Hitoshi Endo
Egypt at Its Origins 3: Proceedings of te Third International Conference "Origin of the State. Predynastic and Early Dynastic Egypt", London, 27th July - 1st August 2008. Leuven/Peeters   727-744   2011   [Invited]
Firing Installation and Specialization: A View from Recent Excavations at Hierakonpolis.
Izumi Takamiya
B. Miant-Reyens & Y. Trestant (eds.), Egypt at Its Origins 2: Proceedings of the International Conference "Origin of the State, Predynastic and Early Dynastic Egypt", Tourouse (France), 5th-8th September 2005. Leuven/Petters   187-202   Nov 2008   [Invited]
Thee Thebes-Armant Region during the Predynastic (Naqada) Period in Egypt.
Izumi Takamiya
Orient   43 23-44   Mar 2008   [Refereed][Invited]
Egyptian Pottery Distri bution in A-Group Cemeteries, Lower Nubia: Towards an understanding of exchange systems between the Naqada culture and the A-Group culture.
Izumi Takamiya
The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology   90 35-62   2004   [Invited]


The Inside Story: The Installation and Granary at HK24B.
I.H.Takamiya & N. Shirai
Nekhen news   23 20-21   2011   [Invited]
Beer after sheep? HK11C Squares A6-A7 in 2007.
I.H. Takamiya
Nekhen News   19 28-28   2007   [Invited]
Another look at HK11C Square A6-A7.
I.H.Takamiya & M. Aoki
Nekhen News   17 18-19   2005   [Invited]
Kilns in Square A6: The Other Side of the Story.
I.H. Takamiya & M. Baba
Nekhen News   16 19-20   2004   [Invited]
Shigaku zasshi   109(5) 943-947   May 2000

Books etc

Non-Destructive Pyramid Investigation (2) Studies in Egyptian Culture.
S. Yoshimura, T. Nakagawa & S. Tonouchi (Part:Contributor, "Background and Process")
Waseda University, Egyptian Culture Center   1988