MATSUI Tetsushi

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MATSUI Tetsushi

Published Papers

Tetsushi Matsui, Akihiro Higashitani, Yuuki Nagazawa, Hidefumi Ohsugi and Takayuki Hibi
Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics   34(4) 721-749   Dec 2011   [Refereed]
Satoru Tanaka, Naoki Ogura, Ken Nakamula, Tetsushi Matsui and Shigenori Uchiyama
MATHEMATICAL SOFTWARE – ICMS 2010   260-269   Sep 2010   [Refereed]
Matsui Tetsushi
Mathematical Software --- ICMS 2006   158-169   Sep 2006   [Refereed]
MATSUI Tetsushi


Tetsushi Matsui
   Feb 2011
Let \(G=(E,V,\phi)\) be a connected simple finite graph. The edge polytope
\(\mathcal{P}_G\) is an integral convex polytope defined from \(G\), and its
Ehrhart polynomial \(i_{\mathcal{P}_G}(m)\) is always related to the Hilbert
series of a graded...
MATSUI Tetsushi
AC2007 Proceedings   120-126   Mar 2008
There are some algebraically closed elds related to computational concepts; a classical example is the whole set of computable numbers and more recently obtained example is the whole set of polynomial time computable numbers. Numbers outside these...
Tetsushi Matsui
   Aug 2006
It will be shown that the polynomial time computable numbers form a field,
and especially an algebraically closed field.
MATSUI Tetsushi
AC2005 Proceedings      Mar 2006
NZMATH, a number theory oriented calculation system based on Python, has been continuously developed for two years since the announcement of its outline at AC2003. We will summarise the two years of the development with problems and issues recogni...
Tetsushi Matsui
   Nov 2004
Recently, among experiments for realization of quantum computers, NMR quantum
computers have achieved the most impressive succession. There is a model of the
NMR quantum computation,namely Atsumi and Nishino's bulk quantum Turing
Machine. It assum...

Conference Activities & Talks

Roots of Ehrhart polynomials arising from graphs and posets
Tetsushi Matsui, Akihiro Higashitani, Yuuki Nagazawa, Hidefumi Ohsugi, Takayuki Hibi
The Second CREST-SBM International Conference   Jun 2010