Tetsuro Kobayashi

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Tetsuro Kobayashi
City University of Hong Kong
Department of Media and Communication
Job title
Associate Professor
Ph.D (Social Psychology; University of Tokyo)(University of Tokyo)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Dec 2015
Associate Professor, Department of Media and Communication, City University of Hong Kong
Feb 2012
Feb 2014
Visiting Scholar, Stanford University, Department of Communication,
Nov 2011
Dec 2015
Associate Professor, National Institute of Informatics, Information and Society Research Division
Jan 2011
Mar 2011
Visiting Scholar, Stanford University, Department of Communication,
Oct 2010
Dec 2010
Visiting Scholar, Rutgers University, School of Communication and Information,

Awards & Honors

May 2017
The 2017 ICA KACA Top Faculty Paper Award, Korean American Communication Association
Winner: Kobayashi, T., Hahn, S. K., Tago, A., Asaba, Y., & Jang, S.
Mar 2016
Who Deserves Citizenship? An Experimental Study of Japanese Attitudes Toward Immigrant Workers, ISS/OUP Prize: SSJJ Annual Best Paper Prize
Winner: Kobayashi, T., Collet, C., Iyengar, S., & Hahn, K. S.
May 2015
Territorial Issues and Support for the Prime Minister: Experimental evidences on Rally-'Round-the-Flag Effect in Japan, 2014 Best Poster Presentation Award, Japanese Association of Electoral Studies
Winner: Kobayashi, T. & Katagiri, A.
Dec 2014
Top Paper Award, International Conference on e-Democracy and Open Government (CeDEM) Asia 2014
Winner: Kobayashi, T. & Katagiri, A.
Feb 2010
Year 2009 special award for thesis "Future Vision of Image Information Media", The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers
Winner: Kobayash, T.

Teaching Experience


Published Papers

Missing effect of party cues in Japan: Evidence from a survey experiment
Kobayashi, T. & Yokoyama, T.
Japanese Journal of Political Science   (forthcoming)    [Refereed]
The media priming effect: A preregistered replication experiment
Kobayashi, T., Miura, A., & Inamasu, K.
Journal of Experimental Political Science   (forthcoming)    [Refereed]
Press coverage of historical and territorial issues between Japan and Korea: Frame analysis using a topic model
Ogawa, Y., Kobayashi, T., Hahn, K. S., & Jang, S.
Japanese Journal of Behaviormetrics   44(1) 1-15   Mar 2017   [Refereed][Invited]
Renoust, B., Kobayashi, T., Ngo, T. D., Le, D. D., & Satoh, S.
Applied Network Science   1(4) 1-25   Jun 2016   [Refereed]
Exploring tips to detect "satisficing" in an online survey: A study using university student samples
Miura A. & Kobayashi, T.
Japanese Journal of Social Psychology   32(2) 123-132   Nov 2016   [Refereed]
The impact of crime on social ties and civic participation
Takagi, D., Ikeda, K., Kobayashi, T., Harihara, M., & Kawachi, I.obayashi
Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology   26(2) 164-178   Mar 2016   [Refereed]
Monitors are not monitored: How satisficing among online survey monitors can distort empirical findings
Miura, A. & Kobayashi, T.
Japanese Journal of Social Psychology   31(2) 120-127   Dec 2015   [Refereed]
Mechanical Japanese?: Survey satisficing of online monitors in Japan
Miura, A. & Kobayashi, T.
Japanese Journal of Social Psychology   31(1) 1-12   Sep 2015   [Refereed]
Kobayashi, T., Boase, J., Suzuki, T., & Suzuki, T.
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication   20(3) 330-345   May 2015   [Refereed]
Boase, J., Kobayashi, T., Schrock, A., Suzuki, T., & Suzuki, T.
American Behavioral Scientist   59(8) 931-945   Jul 2015   [Refereed]

Books etc

Political conversations as civic engagement: Examining patterns from mobile communication logs in Japan. In R. Wei (Eds.) Mobile media, political participation, and civic activism in Asia: Private chat to public communication (pp. 57-79).
Suzuki, T., Kobayashi, T., & Boase, J. (Part:Contributor)
Springer   2016   
Knowledge gap. (In) Gianpietro Mazzoleni (Ed.) The International Encyclopedia of Political Communication
Kobayashi, T. (Part:Contributor)
Selective exposure. (In) Gianpietro Mazzoleni (Ed.) The International Encyclopedia of Political Communication, Wiley-Blackwell.
Kobayashi, T. (Part:Contributor)
The effects of similarities to previous buyers on trust and intention to buy from e-commerce stores: An experimental study based on the SVS model. In S. Uesugi (Ed.) IT enabled services.
Kobayashi, T. & Okada, H. (Part:Contributor)
Springer, Pp. 19-38.   Jan 2013   ISBN:978-3-7091-1425-4
Cyber behavior and social capital. In Z. Yan (Ed.). Encyclopedia of Cyber Behavior.
Kobayashi, T. (Part:Contributor)
IGI Global: Hershey, PA. Pp. 1063-1073.   Mar 2012   
ICTs supporting tolerant society: Social psychology in the loosely bridging Internet age [Japanese]
Kobayashi, T.
Taga Shuppan (single authored)   Mar 2010   ISBN:9784811575513 C1036
"Reputation", "Digital divide" (In) The Japanese Society of Social Psychology (Eds.) Social Psychology Dictionary. [Japanese]
Kobayashi, T.
Maruzen, Pp. 426-427, 440-441. (coauthored)   Jun 2009   ISBN:978621081075
Local community and Internet. (In) Miura, A., Morio, H. & Kawaura, Y. (Eds.) The Frontier of Internet Psychology.  [Japanese]
Kobayashi, T.
Seishin Shobo, Pp. 218-250. (coauthored)   Feb 2009   ISBN:9784414301694
Making democracy work via the functioning of heterogeneous personal networks: An empirical analysis based on a Japanese election study. (In) Ray-May Hsung, Nan Lin, & Ronald Breiger (Eds.) Contexts of Social Capital: Social Networks in Markets, Communitie
Ikeda, K. & Kobayashi, T.
Taylor & Francis, Pp.72-90. (coauthored)   Dec 2008   ISBN:9780415411172
The Internet, social capital, civic engagement, and gender in Japan. (In) Nan Lin and Bonnie H. Erickson (Eds.) Social capital: An international research program.
Miyata,K., Ikeda, K., & Kobayashi, T.
Oxford University Press, Pp.206-233. (coauthored)   May 2008   ISBN:0199234388

Conference Activities & Talks

Perceptions of relative economic power and nationalism in Japan and Korea: A cross-national comparative experiment
Kobayashi, T., Hahn, K. S., Tago, A., Asaba, Y., Jang, S.
International Communication Association's 67th Annual Conference   26 May 2017   
Substantive vs. procedural democracy: The impact of media use on chinese citizens’ support for different types of democracy
Meng, X. & Kobayashi, T.
International Communication Association's 67th Annual Conference   25 May 2017   
Nationalism and political system justification in china: The differential effects of traditional and new media
Wang, X. & Kobayashi, T.
International Communication Association's 67th Annual Conference   25 May 2017   
Economic power and public opinion in Japan and Korea: Comparative experiment in Japan and Korea [Invited]
Kobayashi, T.
Korea and Japan relations: A long and widing road to reconciliation (Seoul National University)   12 Dec 2016   
Social media as hotbed of racism and hate speech against Zainichi Koreans in Japan
Kobayashi, T., Kaigo, M., & Kwak, N.
CeDEM Asia 2016 (Conference for e-Democracy & Open Government)   8 Dec 2016   
Internet development in Japan [Invited]
Kobayashi, T.
The 13th Asia-Pacific Internet Research Alliance (APIRA) International Conference   22 Sep 2016   
Persistent civic virtue of online news exposure: A Field experiment
Kobayashi, T.
American Political Science Association Annual Meeting 2016   4 Sep 2016   
Disentangling social role, tie strength, and media multiplexity: An analysis of logged mobile data
Boase, J., Jamieson, J., & Kobayashi, T.
American Sociological Association’s 111th Annual Meeting   23 Aug 2016   
Can “googling” correct misbelief?
Kobayashi, T., Taka, F., & Suzuki, T.
International Congress of Psychology   29 Jul 2016   
Persistent civic virtue of online news exposure: A field experiment using a popular portal website
Kobayashi, T., Hoshino, T., & Suzuki, T.
International Communication Association's 66th Annual Conference   12 Jun 2016   


Miura, A. & Kobayashi, T.
Journal of Media, Information and Communication   1 27-42   Mar 2016
Controlling technology: The limitations of regulation and social scientific post-investigation
98(1) 2-5   Jan 2015   [Invited]

Research Grants & Projects

Experimental social psychological study on political learning in a highly information-oriented society
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: Year 2013-2015 Grants-in-Aid for Young Scientists <KAKENHI>
Project Year: Apr 2013 - Mar 2015    Investigator(s): Kobayashi, T.
Formation of social capital through the maintainance and re-activation of "weak ties" using smartphones
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: Year 2009-2010 Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research for Challenging Exploratory Research <KAKENHI>
Project Year: Apr 2011 - Mar 2012    Investigator(s): (PI) Kobayashi, T.
Social psychological research on reputation circulation through the Internet and social capital
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: Year 2009-2010 Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research for Young Scientists (B) <KAKENHI>
Project Year: Apr 2009 - Mar 2011    Investigator(s): (PI) Kobayashi, T.
Empirical research on ICT use in political behavior
The Okawa Foundation for Information and Telecommunications: Year 2009, Humanities and sociology
Project Year: Apr 2009 - Mar 2010    Investigator(s): (PI) Kobayashi, T.
Research on social consequences of ICTs use on multi-layered social capital
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: Year 2007-2008 Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research for Young Scientists Start-up
Project Year: Apr 2007 - Mar 2009    Investigator(s): (PI) Kobayashi, T.
Social consequences of the Internet use: Social capital perspective
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: Year 2006 Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, Research Fellowship for Young Scientist
Project Year: Apr 2006 - Mar 2007    Investigator(s): (PI) Kobayashi, T.