Higashiyama Kazuyuki

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Higashiyama Kazuyuki
University of Tsukuba
Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences
Job title
Assistant Professor
Doctor of Science (Physics)(Tohoku University), Master of Science (Physics)(Tohoku University)

Research Areas


Awards & Honors

Mar 1994
The Kurata Research Grant, The Kurata Foundation
Study of the single-domain Ge(001)-(2x1) and -c(4x2) structures by STM and ARUPS

Published Papers

Report of the Physics Challenge in 2013 : V. Summary of the Physics Challenge I and II
Meeting abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan   68(2) 346   Aug 2013
Study of Ag/Si(111) submonolayer interface II. Atomic geometry of Si(111)(√3x√3)R30°-Ag surface
S., Kono, H. Sakurai, K. Higashiyama, T. Sagawa
Surface Science   130 L299-L306   Jan 1983   [Refereed]
X-ray photoelectron diffraction study of the atomic geometry of the Ge(111)(√3x√3)R30゜-Sn surface
H., Sakurai, K. Higashiyama, S. Kono, T. Sagawa
Surface Science   134 L550-L556   Jan 1983   [Refereed]
X-ray photoelectron diffraction study of Ge(111)7×7-Sn surface ; a new model for Si(111)7×7 surface
K., Higashiyama, S. Kono, H. Sakurai, T. Sagawa
Solid State Communications   49 253-257   Jan 1984   [Refereed]
Ion scattering spectroscopic study of clean and Sn-covered Ge(111) surfaces
K., Sato, S. Kono, T. Teruyama, K. Higashiyama, T. Sagawa
Surface Science   158 644-657   Jan 1985   [Refereed]

Books etc

Mar 1984   
Ga, Sn, Au/Si(111)表面超格子構造の実験的研究
Mar 1987   

Association Memberships


Research Grants & Projects

Study of Metal-Semiconductor Interfaces by Scanning tunneling Microscopy
International Joint Research Projects
Project Year: 1992 - 1992
Experimental and theoretical study of solid surfaces