EGUCHI Mitsuru

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EGUCHI Mitsuru
Kindai University
Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Fisheries

Research Areas



Faculty of Agriculture, Kyoto University

Published Papers

Short-term covariation of dissolved oxygen and phytoplankton photosynthesis in a coastal fish aquaculture site.
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science   74 515-527   2007
Association between bacterial community structures and mortality of fish larvae in intensive rearing systems.
Fisheries Science   73 784-791   2007
Inactivation of feline calicivirus by usingelectrolyzed water for the purpose of preventing cross-contamination caused by norovirus in the kitchen.
35 359-364   2007
Pacific bluefin tuna, Thunnus orientalis, larvae utilize energy and nutrients of microbial loop.
Aquaculture   267 83-93   2007
Analysis of bacterial communities in Nannochloropsis sp. cultures used for larval fish production.
Fisheries Science   73 541-547   2007


Oligotrophic properties of heterotrophic bacteria and in situ heterotrophic activity in pelagic seawaters
FEMS microbiology Ecology   73(1)    1990
Distribution of oligotrophic and eutrophic bacteria in fish culturing inland bays
Nippon Suisan Gakkaishi   58(1)    1992
Existence of obligately oligotrophic bacteria as a dominant population in the South China Sea and the West Pacific Ocean
Marine Ecology Progress Series   30    1986
Size distribution of bacterial cells in Uragami and Tanabe Bays
Memoirs of the Faculty of Agriculture of Kinki Univ.   25    1992
An ecological study on oligotrophic bacteria in the Antarctic Ocean
Memoirs of National Institute of Polar Research Special Issue   40    1986

Books etc

Bacterial responses to oligotrophic condition
Strategies for growth of oligotrophic bacteria in the pelagic environment
Recent Advances in Microbial Ecology   1989   
Occurrence of oligotrophic bacteria in fish culturing inland bays
The Second Asian Fisheries Forum   1990   
The norculturable state of marine bactreia
Microbial Biosystems : New Frontiers   1999   
Relationship between changes in bacterial community structures and mortality of fiah larvae in rearing waters. In “Chemical Pollution and Environmental Changes (Eds., S. Tanabe, H. Takeoka, T. Isobe and Y. Nishibe)”
Universal Academy Press, Tokyo,   2007   


Ecological Survey in Kuroshio resions, Japan
Biological Investigation of Marine Antarctic Systems and Stocks
Environmental study on the bottom sediments in the coastal water regions at SMaRT(Sichang Marine Science Research and Training Station, Chulalongkorn Univ. ), Thailand

Research Grants & Projects

Ecology and Physiology of Fish Pathogenic Bacteria in Natural Environment
Tidal Flat Microbial Ecology
Eco-physiology of marine oligotrophic bacteria
Flows of energy and materials in fish-culturing area