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Kindai University
Faculty of Agriculture Department of Advanced Bioscience
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Graduate School, Division of Agriculture, Kyushu University
Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University

Published Papers

Bacterial effector modulation of host E3 ligase activity suppresses PAMP-triggered immunity in rice.
Ishikawa, K., Yamaguchi, K., Sakamoto, K., Yoshimura, S., Inoue, K., Tsuge, S., Kojima, C., and Kawasaki, T
Nature Communications   5(5430)    Nov 2014   [Refereed]
Kosami KI, Ohki I, Hayashi K, Tabata R, Usugi S, Kawasaki T, Fujiwara T, Nakagawa A, Shimamoto K, Kojima C
Acta crystallographica. Section F, Structural biology communications   70 113-115   Jan 2014   [Refereed]
Selective regulation of chitin-induced defense response by the Arabidopsis receptor-like cytoplasmic kinase PBL27
Shinya, T., Yamaguchi, K., Desaki, Y., Yamada, K., Narisawa, T., Kobayashi, Y., Maeda, K., Suzuki, M., Tanimoto, T., Takeda, J., Nakashima, M., Funama, R., Narusaka, M., Narusaka, Y., Kaku, H., *Kawasaki, T., and *Shibuya, N.
Plant J   79 56-66   2014   [Refereed]
Receptor-like cytoplasmic kinases are pivotal components in pattern recognition receptor-mediated signaling in plant immunity.
Yamaguchi K, Yamada K, Kawasaki T
Plant signaling & behavior   8 doi: 10.4161/psb.25662   Oct 2013   [Refereed]
Akamatsu A, Wong HL, Fujiwara M, Okuda J, Nishide K, Uno K, Imai K, Umemura K, Kawasaki T, Kawano Y, Shimamoto K
Cell host & microbe   13 465-476   Apr 2013   [Refereed]


Coordinated Regulation of the Genes Participating in Starch Biosynthesis by the Rice floury-2 Locus
Plant Physiology   (110) 89-96   1996
Molecular analysis of the gene encoding a rice starch branching enzyme
Molecular and General Genetics   237 10-16   1993
Alteration of the Structural Properties of Starch Components by the Lack of an Isotorm of Starch Branching enzyme in Rice seeds
The Journal of Biological Chemistry   268(25) 19084-19091   1993
The qene encoding a calcium-dependent protein kinase located near the sbel gene encoding starch branching enzyme(]G0001[)is specitically expressed in developing rice seeds
Gene   129 183-189   1993

Books etc

Advances in Genetics, Genomics and Control of Rice Blast Disease, Rac GTPase and the regulation of NADPH oxidase in rice innate immunity.

Conference Activities & Talks

RIN2 interacted with an Arabidopsis disease resistance gene, RPM1 encodes RING finger-type ubiquitin ligase
12th International Conference on Arabidopsis Research   2001   12th International Conference on Arabidopsis Research
The heterotrimeric G protein acts upstream of the small GTPase Rac in defense signaling
Downregulation of metallothionein expression by small GTPase OsRac1 potentiates oxidative burst and disease resistance
Role of small GTP-bindingprotein Rac in defense signaling and regulation of metallothionein
G protein signaling in disease resistance of rice
3rd international rice blast conference   2002   3rd international rice blast conference

Research Grants & Projects

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(基盤研究(B))
Project Year: 2007 - 2009    Investigator(s): Tsutomu KAWASAKI
Plants induce a series of immune responses through recognition of pathogen-derived molecules (Pathogen-associated molecular patterns ; PAMPs). We analyzed the molecular mechanism of activation of Rac/Rop GTPase during PAMPs triggered responses, an...
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(特定領域研究(A), 特定領域研究)
Project Year: 2000 - 2005    Investigator(s): 川崎 努, Kazuyuki HIRATSUKA
In order to investigate signaling pathways involved in disease resistance, research on regulated mechanisms of hypersensitive cell death of rice has been conducted and obtained important results on G-protein mediated signaling network in plants. D...
Understanding of plant immunity response