KANAI Yoshimitsu

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KANAI Yoshimitsu
The University of Tokyo
Graduate School of Medicine, Molecular Cell Biology, Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy, Graduate School of Medicine
Job title
Associate Professor
Doctor(Medical)(The University of Tokyo)

Research Interests


Research Areas



Anctomy, Graduate School, Division of Medical Sciences, The University of Tokyo
Faculty of Medicine, The University of Tokyo


Targeted disruption of mouse conventional kinesin heavy chain, KIF5B, results in abnormal perinuclear clustering of mitochondria. (共著)
Cell   93 1147-1158   1998
Defect in synaptic ve sicle precursor transport and neuronal cell death in KIF1A motor protein-deficient mice. (共著)
J. Cell Biol. (Journal of Cell Biology)   141 431-441   1998
Golgi vesiculation and lysosome dispersion in cells lacking cytoplasmic dynein. (共著)
J. Cell Biol.   141 51-59   1998
Identification and classification of sixteen new kinesin superfamily(KIF)proteins in mouse genome. (共著)
Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the USA   94 9654-9659   1997
Selective stabilization of tau in axons and MAP2C in cell bodies and dendrites contributes to polarized localization of cytoskeletal proteins in mature neurons. (共著)
J. Cell Biol.   132 667-679   1996

Research Grants & Projects

Study on motor molecule(KIFs)
Project Year: 1995