HORO Atsuhiko

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HORO Atsuhiko
University of Tsukuba
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
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Kants prakische Vernunft und Fichtes Ich
Shin-ai Kiyo: Journal of Science and Humanities (Wakayama Shin-ai Women's Junior College)   (39) 27-44   1999
Book Review: HIMI Kiyoshi, Tanabe tetsugaku kenkyu: Shukyotetsugaku no kanten kara [Studies in the thought of Tanabe: A perspective from the philosophy of religion]
Japanese Journal of Religious Studies (Nanzan Institute for Religion & Culture)   20(2-3) 249-252   1993
The Problem of Faith and Evil: The Overcoming of "Radical Evil" in Kant
Annals of Ethics (Rinrigaku-Nenpo edited by The Japanese Society for Ethics)   (57) 2-5   2008
Die Ueberwindung des radikalen Boesen beim einzelnen Menschen und in der Menschheit
RisoshaJapanische Kant-Studien   9 29-43   2008
Kants "Beweis" der Universalitaet des "radikalen Boesen"
Studies in Philosophy (Institute of Philosophy, University of Tsukuba)   (34) 37-71   2010