Watanabe Ken

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Awards & Honors

Feb 2014
Studies on the development of sensing techniques for wood drying, The Japan Wood Research Society Progress Award, The Japan Wood Research Society

Published Papers

Watanabe K, Kobayashi I, Matsushita Y, Saito S, Kuroda N, Noshiro S
Drying Technology      2014   [Refereed]
Abe H, Murata Y, Kubo S, Watanabe K, Tanaka R, Sulaiman O, Hashim R, Ramile SFMhd, Zhang C, Noshiro S, Mori Y
Bioresources      2013   [Refereed]
Watanabe K, Matsushita Y, Kobayashi I, Kuroda N
Journal of Wood Science   59(2) 112-118   2013   [Refereed]
Watanabe K, Kobayashi I, Saito S, Kuroda N, Noshiro S
Wood Science and Technology   47(2) 299-315   2013   [Refereed]


Watanabe Ken
NIR News   23(7) 16-16   Oct 2012   [Invited]

Conference Activities & Talks

Evaluating drying stress development on lumber surface using near infrared spectroscopy combined with artificial neural networks
Watanabe K, Kobayashi I, Matsushita Y, Saito S, Kuroda N, Noshiro S
21th International Wood Machining Seminar   Aug 2013   
Nondestructive Evaluation of Drying Stress Level on Wood Surface Using Near Infrared Spectroscopy
Watanabe K, Kobayashi I, Kuroda N, Noshiro S
12th International IUFRO Wood Drying Conference   Aug 2012   

Research Grants & Projects

Development of drying stress monitoring system using near infrared spectroscopy
Project Year: Nov 2012 - Oct 2013    Investigator(s): Watanabe Ken
Development of a new timber drying simulation using wood-informatics
Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute: 
Project Year: Apr 2012 - 2013    Investigator(s): Ken Watanabe