KONDO Hidemasa

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KONDO Hidemasa
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Research Institute of Genome-based Biofactory
Job title
Senior Research Scientist
Ph. D.

Research Areas



Yaoi K., Kondo H., Hiyoshi A., Noro N., Sugimoto H., Tsuda S., Mitsuishi Y., Miyazaki K.
Journal of Molecular Biology   370(1) 53-62   2007
Nishimiya Y., Kondo H., Takamichi M., Sugimoto H., Suzuki M., Miura A. Tsuda, S.
Journal of Molecular Biology   382(3) 734-746   2008
Tandem repeat of a seven-bladed b-propeller domain in a novel xyloglucan-specific glycosidase, oligoxyloglucan reducing-end-specific cellobiohydrolase
Yaoi K., Kondo H., Noro N., Suzuki M., Tsuda S., Mitsuishi Y.
Structure   12(7) 1209-1217   2004
Mass preparation and technological development of antifreeze protein - Toward a practical use of biomolecules -
Nishimiya Y., Mie Y., Hirano Y., Kondo H., Miura A., Tsuda S.
Synthesiology   1(1) 4-17   2008
Hydroxyl groups of threonines contribute to the activity of Ca2+-depdendent type II antifreeze protein
Yasui M., Takamishi M., Miura A., Nishimiya Y., Kondo H., Tsuda S.
Cryobiology and Cryotechnology   54(1) 1-8   2008

Research Grants & Projects

X-ray crystal structure analysis of antifreeze protein.
The Other Research Programs
Project Year: 2002   
To clarify ice-binding mechanism of antifreeze protein from fish and microorganism based on three-dimensional structure by utilizing X-ray crystallography.
X-ray crystal structure analysis of industrial proteins.
The Other Research Programs
Project Year: 1997   
X-ray crystal structure analysis of antibody complexed with antigen.
The Other Research Programs
Project Year: 1997   
To gain detailed insights into the interaction between antibody and antigen based on structural aspects by using X-ray crystallography.


Antifreeze proteins from basidiomycetes
European patent No. 1344827