HATCHO Nobumasa

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HATCHO Nobumasa
Alternative names
Kindai University
Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Environmental Management
Msc Ag. Economics(University of Illinois (U. S. A.)), Master of Agriculture(Okayama University), Doctor of Agriculture(Okayama University)

Research Areas



International Agricultural Development, Agricultural Economics, University of Illinois
Agricultural Engineering, Agriculture, Okayama University
Agricultural Engineering, Agriculture, Okayama University

Awards & Honors

Aug 2015
International Award, International Society of Paddy and Water Environment Engineering
Sep 2009
Best Performing Workbody Award2002-2005, International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage
Winner: Working group on History of Irrigation Chariman HATCHO Nobumasa
Oct 2007
Reviewer Award, Internation Society of Paddy and Water Environment Engineering

Published Papers

Applications of Water Quality Index for Assessing Water Environment of Irrigation Reserviors in Nara City
IWANAGA Ryouichi, HATCHO Nobumasa, MATSUNO Yutaka
Journal of Japan Society on Water Environment   38(1) 31-38   Jan 2015   [Refereed]
Multifunctional Roles of Irrigation Water Management in Paddy Field and Rural Areas
HATCHO Nobumasa、 MATSUNO Yutaka
Proceedings of International Workshop. At the 11th INWEPF Steering Meeting and Symposium. Hanoi, Vietnam. Nov.2014   (ISBN 978-604-59-2333-7) 29-45   Nov 2014   [Refereed][Invited]
Historical Water Sustainability: Lessons to Learn from Japanese Experiences
HATCHO Nobumasa、 MATSUNO Yutaka
Transactions of the 1st World Irrigation Forum: Workshop on Water Sustainability, 28 September - 3 October 2013 Mardin, Turkey (CD version)   W1.01 1-12   Oct 2013   [Refereed]
Performance of Constructed Wetland for Nutrient Removal of Agricultural Drainage
Y. Matsuno, K. Tanida, N. Hatcho, K. Fujii, K. Kochi
Chaing Mai University Journal of Natural Sciences   11(1) 135-140   2012   [Refereed]
Assessment of Environment-friendly Rice Farming through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
N. Hatcho, Y. Matsuno, K. Kochi,K. Nishishita
Chaing Mai University Journal of Natural Sciences   11(1) 403-408   2012   [Refereed]


Small Scale Pumped Irrigation : Energy and lcosts.
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.      1992
Irrigation Water Management Training Mannal No. 7 : Canals
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations   7    1992
Computerized Irrigation Management Information System
Proceedings of the International Workshop on the Simulation of Canal Operation      1992
Irrigation Water Management Training Mannal No. 6 : Scheme Irrigation Water Needs and Supply
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Studies on the Characteristics of Water Adsorption and their effects on Physical Properties of Soil in Sea Land Reclamation Areu
The Scientific Report of the Faculty of Agriculture, Okayama University   57,41-52    1981

Books etc

Historical Study of the “Wisdom based on Land and Water”.
HATCHO Nobumasa (Part:Joint Work, People Who Promoted Land and Water Resources Development in Japan.)
Jul 2008   
A History of Water Issues:Lessons to learn
HATCHO Nobumasa (Part:Joint Work, (13) The participatory approach of managing water in Japan)
Sep 2005   
Land, Water, and People : History of Irrigation and Drainage in Japan
People Who Promoted Land and Water Resorces Dcrelopment in Japan   2000   
Demand Management by Irrigation Delivery Scheduling
"Water and the Environment", E & FN Spon   1998   
Italian Agriculture and Rural Deuelopment in Hill and Mountain Region
Upland Agricultural Development Association   1997   


Study on the Poverty Alleviation and Environmental Rehabilitation in Ninxia-Hui Autonomous Region in China
The application of Climatic Data for effective Irrigation Planning and Management
Sea Defence and Irrigation/Dramage in Guyana
Study on small scale irrigation development in Laos
Evaluation of Irrigation Development Project in Indonesia
1989 - 1990

Research Grants & Projects

Study on the improvement of Water Management in Irrigated Agriculture
Study on the Agricultural Development and Environmental Conservation