Yasue Yamada

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Yasue Yamada
Kindai University
Faculty of Engineering Department of Biotechnology and Chemistry

Research Areas


Published Papers

Direct activation of GABAA receptors by substances in the organic acid fraction of Japanese sake.
Izu H, ; Shigemori K; Eguchi M; Kawane S; Fujii S; KitamuraY; Aoshima H; YamadaY.
Food Chemistry   214 354-359   Jul 2016   [Refereed]
Beneficial effects of fragrant compounds including in sake and shochu
AROMA RESEARCH   16(1) 3-8   2015   [Refereed]
Effects of fragrant compounds including in sake and shochu on neuronal receptors
AROMA RESEARCH   16(1) 66-73   2015   [Refereed]
Comparison of the neurotoxicities between volatile organiccompounds and fragrant organic compounds on humanneuroblastoma SK-N-SH cells and primary culturedrat neurons
Y Yamada, K Ohtani, A Imajo, H Izu,H Nakamura, K Shiraishi
Toxicology Reports   2 729-736   2015   [Refereed]
Effect of volatile chemicals on neural cells
46 1-5   Dec 2012
Diffrential modulatiom of NR1-NR2A and NR1-NR2B subtypes of NMDA receptor by PDZ domain-containing proteins.
Journal of Neurochemistry   89 100-108   2004
PSD-95 eliminates Src-induced potentiation of NR1/NR2A-subtype NMDA receptor channels and reduces high-affinity zinc inhibition.
Journal of Neurochemistry   81 758-764   2002


IZU Hanae, YAMADA Yasue, GOTO Kuniyasu, SUDO Shigetoshi
Journal of the Brewing Society of Japan   105(10) 664-671   Oct 2010
YAMADA Yasue, EGUCHI Masaya, IZU Hanae, GOTO Kuniyasu, SUDO Shigetoshi
Journal of the Brewing Society of Japan   105(9) 609-614   Sep 2010

Conference Activities & Talks

Protective effects of PQQ against the cell death caused by 6-hydroxydopamine and hydrogen peroxide.
Y. Yamada, M. Nakamichi
Society for Neuroscience 45th Annual Meeting   2015   
“GABAA receptor agonist activity and anxiolytic effects of organic acids
Y. Yamada, K. Shigemori, M Eguchi, S. Kawane, H. Izu.
Society for Neuroscience 44th Annual Meeting (2014) Washington D.C.   Nov 2014   
The effect of a sarin-like organophosphorus agent on human neuroblastoma cell line SK-N-SH
K. Yamada,H. Shiraishi, A. Namera,Y. ArimaM. Nagao,Y .Yamada
Oct 2014   
The beneficial effect of propolis on fat accumulation and lipid metabolism in NASH model
Effects of polyamines and monoamines on GluN1/GluN2A and GluN1/GluN2B subtypes of NMDA receptor
Y. Yamada, K. Norikane, K. Matsumaru H. Izu. 
Neuroscience 2013   Nov 2013   
Effects of various fragrant compounds on GluN1/GluN2A and GluN1/GluN2B subtypes of NMDA receptor.
Neuroscience 2012   Oct 2012   Neuroscience 2012
Effects of deipeptides on NMDA type glutamate receptors
Mar 2011   
Modulation of the channel activity of NR1/NR2A-and NR1/NR2B-subtype NMDA receptor by MAGUKs family protein, SAP102.
Soceity for Neuroscience 2010   Nov 2010   Soceity for Neuroscience 2010
Glutamate receptor and dipeptides
Feb 2010