Yasue Yamada

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Yasue Yamada
Kindai University
Faculty of Engineering Department of Biotechnology and Chemistry

Research Areas


Published Papers

Beneficial effects of fragrant compounds including in sake and shochu
AROMA RESEARCH   16(1) 3-8   2015   [Refereed]
Effects of fragrant compounds including in sake and shochu on neuronal receptors
AROMA RESEARCH   16(1) 66-73   2015   [Refereed]
Comparison of the neurotoxicities between volatile organiccompounds and fragrant organic compounds on humanneuroblastoma SK-N-SH cells and primary culturedrat neurons
Y Yamada, K Ohtani, A Imajo, H Izu,H Nakamura, K Shiraishi
Toxicology Reports   2 729-736   2015   [Refereed]
Effect of volatile chemicals on neural cells
46 1-5   Dec 2012
Diffrential modulatiom of NR1-NR2A and NR1-NR2B subtypes of NMDA receptor by PDZ domain-containing proteins.
Journal of Neurochemistry   89 100-108   2004
PSD-95 eliminates Src-induced potentiation of NR1/NR2A-subtype NMDA receptor channels and reduces high-affinity zinc inhibition.
Journal of Neurochemistry   81 758-764   2002


IZU Hanae, YAMADA Yasue, GOTO Kuniyasu, SUDO Shigetoshi
Journal of the Brewing Society of Japan   105(10) 664-671   Oct 2010
YAMADA Yasue, EGUCHI Masaya, IZU Hanae, GOTO Kuniyasu, SUDO Shigetoshi
Journal of the Brewing Society of Japan   105(9) 609-614   Sep 2010

Conference Activities & Talks

“GABAA receptor agonist activity and anxiolytic effects of organic acids
Y. Yamada, K. Shigemori, M Eguchi, S. Kawane, H. Izu.
Society for Neuroscience 44th Annual Meeting (2014) Washington D.C.   Nov 2014   
The effect of a sarin-like organophosphorus agent on human neuroblastoma cell line SK-N-SH
K. Yamada,H. Shiraishi, A. Namera,Y. ArimaM. Nagao,Y .Yamada
Oct 2014   
The beneficial effect of propolis on fat accumulation and lipid metabolism in NASH model
Effects of polyamines and monoamines on GluN1/GluN2A and GluN1/GluN2B subtypes of NMDA receptor
Y. Yamada, K. Norikane, K. Matsumaru H. Izu. 
Neuroscience 2013   Nov 2013   
Effects of various fragrant compounds on GluN1/GluN2A and GluN1/GluN2B subtypes of NMDA receptor.
Neuroscience 2012   Oct 2012   Neuroscience 2012
Effects of deipeptides on NMDA type glutamate receptors
Mar 2011   
Modulation of the channel activity of NR1/NR2A-and NR1/NR2B-subtype NMDA receptor by MAGUKs family protein, SAP102.
Soceity for Neuroscience 2010   Nov 2010   Soceity for Neuroscience 2010
Glutamate receptor and dipeptides
Feb 2010