Tamura Takanori

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Tamura Takanori
Hosei University
Job title
Ph.D.(University of Tsukuba), M.A.(University of Tsukuba), B.A.(International Christian University)


My research field is the Internet and the society. I deal with the Internet and human interaction, religion, privacy and social movement.

Awards & Honors

Sep 2014
Contribution for International Affairs, Society for Soico Informatics
Winner: JCEA Guest Editors Tearm Tamura Takanori

Books etc

Gerard Goggin (ed), Mark McLelland(ed) (Part:Joint Work, TALKING ABOUT OURSELVES ON THE JAPANESE DIGITAL NETWORK)
Routledge   Feb 2017   ISBN:1138812161
川那部保明編 (Part:Joint Work, 電子ネットワーク上で自己を物語る――ウェブ日記を題材に――」)
筑波大学出版会   Apr 2008   ISBN:490407405X
Inoue Junko (ed.) (Part:Joint Work, 「個人から個人へのメッセージ」「誰が宗教情報HPを見ているか」)
中外日報社   Sep 2003   ISBN:4831881600
Ikegami Yoshimasa, Nakamaki Hirochika (eds.) (Part:Joint Work, パソコン通信に見る「共感」と「支え」)
弘文堂   Feb 1996   ISBN:4335160291
Erica Baffeli (ed) (Part:Joint Work, Reflexive Self-Identification of Internet Users and the Authority of Soka Gakkai: Analysis of Discourse in Japanese BBS,173-195)
Routledge,2010   2010   

Published Papers

Tamura Takanori
The Asia-Pacific Journal   13-6(4) online-online   Feb 2015   [Refereed][Invited]
In this essay I explore the way the internet has facilitated people’s participation in anti-nuclear activism in Japan. After contextualising the use of the internet in the anti-nuclear movement which developed after the compound disaster of “3/11”...
Tamura Takanori, Tamura Daiyu
International Review of Information Ethics   9 5-13   2008   [Refereed]
Abstract: This paper analyzes the structure of unsuccessful chats over the internet about Japanese religions. On the internet, people of different religions and beliefs can easily meet. However, in Japan, chats about religion rarely succeed. This ...
Kawabata Akira, Tamura Takanori
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication   12 999-1019   2007   [Refereed]
博士論文(筑波大学)      2006   [Refereed]
社会情報学研究   9(2) 45-58   2005   [Refereed]
Abstract 200 words
We need to analyze interaction between mass media and the Internet to think
about social influence of opinions in the Internet to the physical society because
impact of the Internet about social issues does not appear obviously ...
Nakada Makoto, Tamura Takanori
Ethics and Information Technology   Special Issue 27-36   2005   [Refereed]
Abstract. This paper deals with intercultural aspects of privacy, particularly with regard to important differences
between Japanese and the Western views. This paper is based on our discussions with Rafael Capurro – a
dialogue now represented by ...
Tamura Takanori
MANUSYA: Journal of Humanities,   8 121-139   2004   [Refereed]
Does old Japan Determine New Japan? : The Relationship between Seken, the Internet, and Political Consciousness in Japan
Nakada Makoto, Tamura Takanori, Leslie Tkach Kawaski and Iitaka Toshikazu
The Conference Proceedings for CATaC'04, (Murdoch University )   143-156   2004   [Refereed]
『比較市民社会・国家・文化特別プロジェクト平成15年度研究成果報告書』(筑波大学比較市民社会・国家・文化特別プロジェクト研究組織)   17-30   2004
報告書『電子ネットワーキングの普及と宗教の変容』黒崎浩行編(國學院大學日本文化研究所)   139-179   2000   [Refereed]
報告書『電子ネットワーキングの普及と宗教の変容』黒崎浩行編(國學院大學日本文化研究所)   69-81   2000
Perspective for CMC and Religion studies
Tamura Takanori
年報筑波社会学   11 119-136   Sep 1999   [Refereed]
宗教と社会   87-97   1999   [Refereed]
How Does the Internet Work for Religions Based in Japan?
Tamura Takanori
年報筑波社会学   10 21-38   1998   [Refereed]
ネットワーク コーナー ソサエティ―― 電子縁的人間関係のフィールドワーク
テレコム社会科学学生賞論文集   6 213-259   1996   [Refereed]


Sep 2013
Guest Editor, JCEA Special Guest Edited Issue
Vol. 12 (2) September/October 2013.

Conference Activities & Talks

Tamura Takanori Tominaga Kyoko
he Soiciety of Socio-Informatics Annual Meeting, 2015   13 Sep 2015   
This presentation explores the use of the Internet by a youth protest group, SEALDs (Students Emergency Action for Liberal Democracy), who is against policies of the Abe government. They are post 311 generation who have commonly experienced 3.11 d...
Tamura Takanori
Internet Research 15: Boundaries and Intersections   22 Oct 2014   
Tamura Takanori co-presenter
The 14th Annual Conference of the Association of Internet Researchers   26 Oct 2013   
Tamura Takanori
The 14th Annual Conference of the Association of Internet Researchers   25 Oct 2013   
Although much previous research (for example regarding the “Arab Spring” of 2010) has stressed the galvanizing role played by social media in the development of social activism, in this paper we show how the use of social media in Japan has actual...
Who has the right to speak? The role of social media in spreading dissent among anti-nuclear groups in post 3-11Japan
Tamura Takanori
The 14th Annual Conference of the Association of Internet Researchers   24 Oct 2013