Sasaki Nobuyuki

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Sasaki Nobuyuki

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Momosaki Ryo, Sugawara Hidekazu, Sasaki Nobuyuki, Abo Masahiro, Kimura Chiko
The Japanese Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine   45(5) 291-295   May 2008
The factors that influence the risk of accidents during the replacement of gastrostomy catheters remain unknown and therefore have not yet been thoroughly investigated. We conducted a nationwide questionnaire survey of 415 rehabilitation-training ...
GOTO Anri, SASAKI Nobuyuki, SUGAWARA Hidekazu, KAKUDA Wataru, ABO Masahiro
The Japanese Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine   45(4) 242-247   Apr 2008
We report a 47-year-old right-handed male patient with pure word deafness after suffering an intracerebral hemorrhage. He had been working as a high school teacher before the onset of his stroke. He was emergently admitted to our hospital due to l...
IKAI Tetsuo, UEMATSU Mikumo, EUN Sang Soo, SASAKI Nobuyuki, MIYANO Satoshi
The Japanese Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine   37(9) 589-590   Sep 2000