Dote Tomotarou

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Dote Tomotarou
Osaka Medical College
Faculty of Nursing

Research Areas


Published Papers

135 Examining Hyperuricemia as Associated with Gender, Age, BMI Waist Circumference, and Body Type: Survey of Data Obtained in Specific Health Checkups at a Private University
Dote Tomotarou
7 14-20   Mar 2017   [Refereed]
Applicant Needs, Reasons for Declining Health Counseling, and Requests regarding Health Promotion Services as Stratified by Specific Health Checkup Results and Abdominal Obesity Classification
Dote Tomotarou
Japanese Journal of Occupational Medicine and Traumatology   64 188-196   May 2016   [Refereed]
Effect of Specific Health Checkup Stratifications based on Stage of Change, Criteria Values and Healthy Lifestyle at A Particular Health Checkups for Three Consecutive Years.
Dote Tomotarou
Japanese Journal of Occupational Medicine and Traumatology   63(3) 159-166   May 2015   [Refereed]
Attitude survey of health management and application status for specific health guidance among faculty and staff members at a private university
Dote Tomotarou
Osaka Medical College Nursing Research   5 6-14   Mar 2015   [Refereed]
Effects of certain lifestyles modifications on mandatory routine health checkups changes of private university employees over three successive years
Dote Tomotarou
Bulletin of the Osaka Medical College   59(2) 75-83   Mar 2014   [Refereed]


IMANISHI Masafumi, DOTE Tomotaro, HAYASI Emi, NAKAYAMA Shin, TSUJI Hiroshi, KONO Koichi
Biomedical research on trace elements   23(3) 202-207   Oct 2012
NAKAYAMA Shin, DOTE Tomotaro, HAYASHI Emi, OKAMOTO Rika, KUROKAWA Hirofumi, YOKOYAMA Hirotaka, KONO Koichi
60(3) 165-175   May 2012
HAYASHI Emi, DOTE Tomotaro, NAKAYAMA Shin, IMANISHI Masafumi, KONO Koichi, OKAMOTO Rika, KUROKAWA Hirofumi, YOKOYAMA Hirotaka
59(6) 268-275   Nov 2011
HAYASHI Emi, DOTE Tomotaro, NAKAYAMA Shin, IMANISHI Masafumi, HIROTA Chika, MITSUI Go, OHNISHI Keiko, SUGIURA Yumiko, TANIMOTO Yoshimi, WATANABE Misuzu, INOUE Sumie, IIDA Norihiko, KONO Koichi
Japanese journal of public health   58(4) 292-299   Apr 2011
HAYASHI Emi, DOTE Tomotaro, IMANISHI Masafumi, NAKAYAMA Shin, OHNISHI Keiko, TSUJI Hiroshi, USUDA Kan, KONO Koichi
21(4) 219-222   Dec 2010