AOKI Yuriko

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AOKI Yuriko
Kyushu University


Yuriko Aoki, Yuuichi Orimoto, Akira Imamura
ACS Central Science   4 664-665   Jun 2018
Yuuichi Orimoto, Kosuke Ishimoto, Yuriko Aoki, Yuriko Aoki
Journal of Physical Chemistry C   122 4546-4556   Mar 2018
© 2018 American Chemical Society. Quantum chemistry calculations were performed to examine the fundamentals of photoinduced electron transfer (ET) in viologen (V)-based ion-pair charge-transfer complexes and the resulting photoelectrochromism with...
Hiroyuki Teramae, Yuriko Aoki
AIP Conference Proceedings   1906    Nov 2017
© 2017 Author(s). As an attempts at the electronic structure calculations of the B-type model-DNA, (poly-(guanine) poly-(cytosine)) double helix including sodium atoms as counter cation, hereafter referred as (poly-(dG)poly-(dC), double helix mode...
Yuuichi Orimoto, Kohei Kato, Yuriko Aoki, Yuriko Aoki
Journal of Physical Chemistry C   121 17703-17711   Aug 2017
© 2017 American Chemical Society. A theoretical study was performed to understand the effects of a [2,2′]-paracyclophane (pCp) moiety in zinc-porphyrin (ZnP) - C60 connected pCp-oligo(p-phenylenevinylene) (pCp-oPPV) molecular wire for photovoltaic...
Yuuichi Orimoto, Kohei Otsuka, Kazuma Yagyu, Hiroshi Tochihara, Takayuki Suzuki, Yuriko Aoki, Yuriko Aoki
Journal of Physical Chemistry C   121 7294-7302   Apr 2017
© 2017 American Chemical Society. Cu atom penetration through a defect in zero-layer graphene (ZLG) epitaxially grown on an SiC substrate was theoretically investigated, using density functional theory calculations, as a possible mechanism for pur...