Apr, 1981 - Mar, 1985

Meijo University Faculty of Pharmacy Department of Pharmacy


Researchers belonging to "Meijo University"

  • Former Institution /Organization Pharmacology
  • 旧所属 名城大学 農学部 生物資源学科 名城大学農学部
  • 旧所属 名城大学 理工学部 建築学科
  • Nagoya University
    大学院環境学研究科 都市環境学専攻 研究生
  • Former Institution / Organization Kyoto Sangyo University Graduate School of Division of Management Management
  • Former Institution/Organization Okinawa Prefectural Institute of Health and Environment
    Section Chief
  • Kinjo Gakuin University
    College of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacy Professor
  • Former Institution / Organization The University of Tokyo Institute of Industrial Science
    Research Associate
  • National Maritime Research Institute
    System Engineering Division Chief Research Officer
  • Nagoya University
    Graduate School of Engineering Materials Physics 1 Assistant Professor
  • Former Institution /Organization Toyama Prefectural Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Drug Inspection Division
  • Former Institution / Organization Aichi Prefectural Institute of Public Health
    微生物部 食品微生物科長(兼)環境微生物科長
  • National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
    Ceramic Science Department Material Characterization Laboratory, Liaison Office for Technology Transfer, General Research Counsellor Office Reseach Counselor
  • Hiroshima International University
    Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences Associate Professor
  • Seijoh University
    Faculty of Care and Rehabilitation Associate professor
  • Nagoya University
    Research Institute of Environmental Medicine Part-time researcher for university or other academic organization