Yoshiki Okuhara

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Yoshiki Okuhara
Japan Fine Ceramics Center
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Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 1999
Senior Researcher, Materials Research and Development Laboratory, Japan Fine Ceramics Center


Apr 1996
Mar 1999
Nagaoka University of Technology
Apr 1994
Mar 1996
Nagaoka University of Technology
Mar 1992
Apr 1994
Nagaoka University of Technology
Apr 1990
Mar 1992
National Institute of Technology, Gifu College

Awards & Honors

Recovery Characteristics of Optical Hydrogen Sensor Using Palladium Thin Films, IUMRS-ICA Young Research Award, IUMRS

Published Papers

Yoshiki Okuhara, Tomohiro Kuroyama, Daisaku Yokoe, Takeharu Kato, Masasuke Takata, Takuhito Tsutsui, Kazuto Noritake
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells   174 351-358   Jan 2018
© 2017 Elsevier B.V. In-situ high-temperature measurements of optical constants (refractive indices n and extinction coefficients k) for each layer of solar selective absorbing multilayers were carried out to simulate solar-thermal conversion effi...
Yoshiki Okuhara, Daisaku Yokoe, Takeharu Kato, Seiichi Suda, Masasuke Takata, Kazuto Noritake, Akinori Sato
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells   161 240-246   Mar 2017
© 2016 Elsevier B.V. Solar-absorbing multilayers with β-FeSi2-containing SiO2composites were deposited on low-emissivity Mo base layers, and the optical reflectance spectra were obtained to investigate the solar–thermal conversion efficiency. Inte...
Y. Okuhara, T. Kuroyama, T. Tsutsui, K. Noritake, T. Aoshima
Energy Procedia   69 1911-1920   Jan 2015
© 2015 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd. A solar simulator consisting oflinear focus unitsand a fluid circulation systemhas been constructed, and abasicschemeforevaluating heat collection efficiency of parabolic trough receivers has been dem...
Y. Okuhara, H. Matsubara, C. Numako, M. Takata
Journal of the Australian Ceramic Society   49 15-20   Apr 2013
Thin films of aluminium-doped zinc oxide (ZnO:Al) as heat reflective coatings were prepared by multi-target reactive sputtering using metallic Zn and Al targets. To control the surface oxidation of each target during sputtering, emission intensity...
Norio Yamaguchi, Tomohiro Kuroyama, Yoshiki Okuhara, Hideaki Matsubara
Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan   121 981-983   Jan 2013
Al doped ZnO (AZO) films were prepared on quartz substrates by the co-evaporation of ZnO and Al2O3by EB-PVD. Structural, optical and electrical properties of AZO films were investigated, focusing on the effect of the electron beam power applied to...


奥原芳樹, 黒山友宏, 横江大作, 加藤丈晴, 筒井琢仁, 則武和人
JFCC研究成果集   2018 19   2018
奥原芳樹, 黒山友宏, 横江大作, 加藤丈晴, 筒井琢仁, 則武和人
JFCC研究成果集   2017 29   2017
奥原芳樹, 黒山友宏, 伊岐見大輔, 横江大作, 加藤丈晴, 則武和人
JFCC研究成果集   2017 28   2017
奥原芳樹, 南原健一, 渡邊泰孝
JFCC研究成果集   2017 30   2017
奥原芳樹, 黒山友宏, 伊岐見大輔, 横江大作, 加藤丈晴, 則武和人
JFCC研究成果集   2016 34   2016

Conference Activities & Talks

Development of the receiver tubes for high solar-thermal conversion efficiency at high temperature
T. Tsutsui, T. Homma, K. Noritake, H. Akatsuka ,Y. Okuhara, T. Kuroyama, K. Yoshida, Y. Hosono
SolarPACES 2018   2018   
Solar-thermal energy conversion using solar selective absorbers based on semiconducting b-FeSi2
Y. Okuhara, T. Kuroyama, D. Yokoe, T. Kato, M. Takata, T. Tsutsui and K. Noritake
Laser Solutions for Space and the Earth 2018   2018   
Solar selective absorbers consisting of semiconducting silicide absorbing layers with thermally stabilized Ag base
Y. Okuhara, T. Kuroyama, D. Yokoe, T. Kato, M. Takata, T. Tsutsui and K. Noritake
SolarPACES 2018   2018   
Solar selective absorbers based on semiconducting b-FeSi2 for high temperature solar-thermal conversion
Y. Okuhara, T. Kuroyama, D. Yokoe, T. Kato, M. Takata, T. Tsutsui and K. Noritake
SolarPACES 2017   2017   
賢材研究会 平成27年度 総会 兼第3回学術技術交流会   2016