Kammuri Hideaki

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Kammuri Hideaki
National Agriculture and Food Research Organization
Division of Crop Tohoku Agricultural Research Center Production and Management Research Farm Machinery and System Group

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Published Papers

冠 秀昭, 関矢 博幸, 大谷 隆二
農作業研究 = Japanese journal of farm work research   52(2) 63-75   Jun 2017
冠 秀昭, 林 貴峰, 大谷 隆二
水土の知 : 農業農村工学会誌   84(3) 185-188   Mar 2016
冠 秀昭, 関矢 博幸, 平 直人
土壌の物理性 = Journal of the Japanese Society of Soil Physics   (129) 23-29   Mar 2015
Kanmuri Hideaki, Otani Ryuji, Sekiya Hiroyuki, Nakayama Souichi, Saito Hidefumi
Japanese Journal of Farm Work Research   50(4) 103-113   2015
Experiments assessing direct-seeding rice cultivation using plowing and compaction were conducted in large Muck soil paddy fields (soil texture of plow lyre: lite clay) of 3 ha scale to establish a method of reducing paddy field water requirements...
KANMURI Hideaki, OTANI Ryuji, SEKIYA Hiroyuki, CHIBA Katsumi
Journal of the Agricultural Engineering Society, Japan   82(4) 275-283   2014
To provide drain-improving techniques for poorly draining paddy fields, we developed shallow subsurface drain installation implement for tractors owned by farmers. This shallow subsurface drain installation implement can excavate soil, lay a drain...


OTANI Ryuji, SEKIYA Hiroyuki, KANMURI Hideaki, NAKAYAMA Soichi, SAITO Hidehumi
Journal of JSAM   75(4) 220-224   Jul 2013
OTANI Ryuji, KANMURI Hideaki
農林水産技術研究ジャーナル   35(9) 22-26   Sep 2012
SEKIYA Hiroyuki, KANMURI Hideaki, OHTANI Ryuji, YOSHIZUMI Kayo, TAKEDA Junichi
Journal of the science of soil and manure, Japan   83(3) 292-295   Jun 2012
冠 秀昭, 菅原 強, 岩佐 郁夫
水土の知   78(11) 907-910   Nov 2010