Satoko Okano

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Satoko Okano
International Pacific University

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Learning Model Focusing on a Particular Region in Seminar Activities-A case study of Tatsuta old road in Sango-cho,Nara-
Satoko Okano
11 1-15   Sep 2019
岡野 聡子, 岡村 季光, オチャンテ 村井 ロサ メルセデス
人間教育 = Online Journal of Humanistic Education   1(5) 123-141   Jul 2018
Practial Study of Curriculum Management in Early Childhood Education1-A case study of teacher's training in A kindergarten-
Satoko Okano
8 127-141   Mar 2018
Satoko Okano
人間教育 = Online Journal of Humanistic Education   1(1) 25-44   Jan 2018
岡野 聡子
奈良学園大学紀要 = Bulletin of Nara Gakuen University   3 9-27   Sep 2015

Conference Activities & Talks

自分自身について知る~自己概念の揺らぎを体験しよう~ [Invited]
Satoko Okano
momo403   6 Jun 2015   
Three points to consider the future of the course [Invited]
momo403   Mar 2013   
"stress" in the workplace [Invited]
momo403   Aug 2014   
How to build up the community ~study on the Neighbourhood house in Canada~ [Invited]
momo403   8 Mar 2015