Masayuki Kiriu

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Masayuki Kiriu
Toyo University
Faculty of Sociology

Research Areas


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(12) 13-20   Mar 2015


入山茂, 桐生正幸
日本法科学技術学会誌   21(Supplement) 182   Oct 2016
尾藤昭夫, 桐生正幸
日本法科学技術学会誌   22(Supplement) 162   Oct 2017
入山茂, 池間愛梨, 桐生正幸
犯罪心理学研究   53 156-157   Mar 2016
紀藤 正樹, 桐生 正幸, 出口 保行, 太刀掛 俊之, 田中 真介
応用心理学研究 = Japanese journal of applied psychology   42(1) 65-91   Jul 2016
桐生正幸, 津田孝雄
日本法科学技術学会誌   18(Supplement) 132   Oct 2013
入山茂, 桐生正幸
日本法科学技術学会誌   20(Supplement) 155   Oct 2015
尾藤昭夫, 中山誠, 桐生正幸
日本法科学技術学会誌   18(Supplement) 131   Oct 2013
入山茂, 池間愛梨, 桐生正幸
日本心理学会大会発表論文集   79th 481   Aug 2015
榊原 圭子, 桐生 正幸
東洋大学社会学部紀要   53(1) 117-125   Nov 2015
日本法科学技術学会誌   17(Supplement) 138   Oct 2012
桐生 正幸
研究紀要   (15) 135-139   Mar 2014
犯罪に関する情報を検出することを目的とするポリグラフ検査において、発汗量を用いた検出を試みた。その結果、発汗の挙動を電気活動にて測定する皮膚電気活動による検出成績と同様の結果が得られた。This study examined that the concealed information was detected by the polygraph test using sweat. As a result, the polygraph test using sweat obtained sa...
榊原 圭子, 桐生 正幸
東洋大学社会学部紀要   53(1) 117-125   Nov 2015
現代のエスプリ   (526) 95-103   May 2011
桐生 正幸
研究紀要   (14) 243-252   Mar 2013
池原朝美, 桐生正幸
犯罪心理学研究   48 160-161   Mar 2011
日本法科学技術学会誌   15(Supplement) 133   Oct 2010
Masayuki KIRIU
The bulletin of Kansai University of International Studies   13 221-228   Mar 2012
The purpose of this study is to investigate of graduation research students majored incriminal psychology in university. The research subject and the research method were examined. The results are as follows. 1) The most common theme was "delinque...
Kiriu Masayuki
The bulletin of Kansai University of International Studies   11 99-112   Mar 2010
Furukawa Takuya Kiriu Masayuki
The bulletin of Kansai University of International Studies   11 113-119   Mar 2010
KIRIU Masayuki
The bulletin of Kansai University of International Studies   9 67-75   Mar 2008
This study examined possibility of the Event-related potentials (P300 amplitude) in the polygraph examination using the Searching Concealed Information Test (SCIT). The SCIT is an applied method similar to the Concealed Information Test (CIT) in t...
KIRIU Masayuki, FURUKAWA Takuya
The bulletin of Kansai University of International Studies   9 77-87   Mar 2008
OKAMOTO Hiroko, KIRIU Masayuki
Bulletin of Takasaki University of Health and Welfare   7 79-98   Mar 2008
田口真二, 桐生正幸, 平伸二, 池田稔
犯罪心理学研究   45 114-115   Feb 2008
高橋美奈, 松田睦代, 桐生正幸
日本応用心理学会大会発表論文集   74th 40   Aug 2007
池田稔, 田口真二, 平伸二, 桐生正幸
犯罪心理学研究   44 132-133   Feb 2007
田口 真二, 桐生 正幸, 伊藤 可奈子
The Japanese journal of criminal psychology   45(1) 1-13   Jul 2007
KIRIU Masayuki
The bulletin of Kansai University of International Studies   7 151-160   Mar 2006
The purpose of this study is to examine a psychophysiological scale in measuring "fear of crime". On this design of experiment, we hypothesized that, if the rate of "fare of crime" is higher because of enviromental factors, respiration becomes fas...
OKAMOTO Hiroko, KIRIU Masayuki, SHOJIMA Kojiro, TAKIGAWA Koji, BABA Koichiro, NOGUCHI Koki, INOUE Manabu
Bulletin of Takasaki University of Health and Welfare   5 193-199   Mar 2006
Inoue Manabu, Toda Naohiro, Kiriu Masayuki, Himura Kyouichi
Technical report of IEICE. HIP   105(165) 163-164   Jun 2005
The purpose of this research is to ascertain whether the improvement of street lighting has an impact on fear of crime. We introduced the Virtual Reality technology to this research, and compared conventional 20W fluorescent light type and Class-B...
Inoue Manabu, Toda Naohiro, Kiriu Masayuki, Himura Kyouichi
Proceeding of Annual Conference of The Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan   37    Aug 2004
KIRIU Masayuki, HIRA Shinji
Toua journal of human science   4 53-61   Mar 2004
The purpose of the present experiment was to examine the usefulness of a card test as a pre-examination procedure in the field practice of detecting deception by using event-related brain potential (ERP). Eleven participants (21-42 yrs old) were a...
ONODERA Masae, KIRIU Masayuki, HANYU Kazunori
MERA Journal   8(2) 11-20   Aug 2003
What places, time zones or atmosphere provoke fear to encounter to crime (Fear of Crime)? If fear of crime appears as a result of interaction not only with human factors such as being conscious of assailants and victims but also with environmental...
小野寺理江, 桐生正幸, 大平英樹
日本心理学会大会発表論文集   67th 350   Aug 2003
田口真二, 桐生正幸, 平伸二
日本心理学会大会発表論文集   67th 346   Aug 2003
小野寺理江, 桐生正幸
犯罪心理学研究   41(2) 53-62   2003
応用心理学研究   28(1) 39-46   Sep 2002
小野寺理江, 桐生正幸, 樋村恭一, 渡辺和美, 神作博
日本心理学会大会発表論文集   66th 311   Aug 2002
桐生正幸, 福田一彦, 本間洋充, 金子みずき
日本心理学会大会発表論文集   66th 315   Aug 2002
金子みずき, 桐生正幸, 本間洋充
日本心理学会大会発表論文集   66th 321   Aug 2002
長沢秀利, 桐生正幸, 田端謙一
日本心理学会大会発表論文集   66th 310   Aug 2002
小野寺理江, 桐生正幸, 樋村恭一, 三本照美, 渡辺和美
犯罪心理学研究   40 8-9   2002
三本照美, 樋村恭一, 桐生正幸, 渡辺和美, 小野寺理江
犯罪心理学研究   40 4-5   2002
ONODERA Masae, KIRIU Masayuki, HIMURA Kyoichi, MIMOTO Terumi, WATANABE Kazumi
The Japanese journal of criminal psychology   40(2) 1-11   2002
YOKOI Yukihisa, OKAZAKI Yoshihisa, KIRIU Masayuki, KURAMOCHI Takashi, OHAMA Tsuyoshi
The Japanese journal of criminal psychology   39(1) 15-27   2001
Matsumaga Yasuko, Kiryuu Masayuki
Yamagata journal of Health Science   3 75-81   Mar 2000

Conference Activities & Talks

A study of Japanese consumer complaint behavior: Examining the negative experiences of service employees
Masayuki Kiriu
The 31th International congress of psychology   27 Jul 2016   
Treatment for released sex offenders into the community in Japan
Masayuki Kiriu
Asian criminological society    27 Jun 2014   
The effects of a nearby murder case on resident's anxiety about crime
Masayuki Kiriu
16th World congress of the International society for criminology   9 Aug 2011   

Social Contribution

Stoker's offender profiling
[TV or radio appearance]  12 Dec 2013
Serial murdar case at Amagasaki
[TV or radio appearance]  6 Dec 2012