Gayman Jeffry Joseph

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Gayman Jeffry Joseph
Hokkaido University
Multicultural Education
Job title
PhD(Kyushu University (Education))
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Professor, Hokkaido University Research Faculty of Media and Communication and School of Education. Research Specialty: Educational Anthropology. Research Fields: Indigenous Peoples, Indigenous Education, Multiculturalism, Intercultural Education, Cultural Studies

Research Areas



Apr 2006
Mar 2012
人間環境学府, Kyushu University、Ph.D
Jan 2004
Dec 2005
Master's Program in Cross-Cultural Studies, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Sep 1986
May 1990
Asian Studies, Pomona College

Committee Memberships

Oct 2018
日本国際教育学会  編集委員

Awards & Honors

Feb 2016
Hokkaido University President's Award for Excellence in Teaching, 北海道大学
Feb 2015
Hokkaido University President's Award for Excellence in Teaching, Hokkaido University

Published Papers

Rethinking Japan’s Constitution from the Perspective of the Ainu and Ryūkyū Peoples
Uemura Hideaki and Jeff Gayman
The Asia Pacific Journal/Japan Focus   16(5)    Mar 2018   [Refereed][Invited]
Annual Report of Research and Clinical Center for Child Development   6 75-77   Dec 2014
Fact-Finding Survey and Scenes from the Field―Toward Future Ainu Cultural and Educational Policy―
Gayman Jeffry Joseph
10 73-84   Jun 2010
Gayman, Jeff, Tahara, Ryoko
Journal of Asian Urbanism   (1) 31-35   Sep 2009
Nibutani Village, A Language-Revitalization Case Study of one Ainu Hamlet in Transition: Historicity, Positionality and Viability
Kayano, Shiro, Masashi Kawakami and Jeffry Gayman
Journal of Australian Indigenous Issues   12(1-4) 248-258   Jan 2009   [Refereed]
The Current State of Ainu Education: Struggles for Cultural Revitalization Amidst a Cumbersome Support System
Gayman Jeff
Aboriginal Education World   72-81   Dec 2007
(7) 157-180   Jun 2007


Book Review The Fabric of Indigeneity: Ainu Identity, Gender, and Settler Colonialism in Japan. ann-elise lewallen著
Gayman, Jeff
Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute   24(3) 631-632   Sep 2018   [Invited]
Book Review:Beyond Ainu Studies: Changing Academic and Public Policies
Jeff Gayman
Japan Forum   27(4) 563-566   2016
Book Review: AINU: Paths to Memory. A film directed by Marcos Centeno Martín
Jeff Gayman
Pacific Affairs   88(3) 757-759   2015
The Present and Future of Japanese Education: from the Perspective of an Educational Anthropologist
Gayman Jeffry Joseph
Proceedings, Global Trends in the Future Education, International Conference of the College of Education、2014   27-35   Oct 2014

Books etc

Indigenous Efflorescence: Beyond Revitalization in Sapmi and Ainu Mosir.
Gayman, Jeff (Part:Single Translation, Shimizu Yuji, Toward a Respectful Repatriation of Stolen Ainu Ancestral Remains)
Canberra: ANU Press   Jun 2019   
Handbook of Indigenous Environmental Knowledge: Global Themes and Practice.
Jeff Gayman (Part:Contributor, Challenges Surrounding Education and Transmission of Ainu Indigenous Ecological Knowledge in Japan: Disparate Valuations of a People and their IEK)
Routledge   Jun 2019   
The Routledge Companion to Indigenous Repatriation: Return, Reconcile, Renew
Tsuyoshi Hirata, Ryūkichi Ogawa, Yuji Shimizu, Tsugio Kuzuno and Jeff Gayman (Part:Joint Work, Chapter: Paradoxes and Prospects of Repatriation to the Ainu: Historical Background, Contemporary Struggles, and Visions for the Future)
Routledge   Mar 2019   
The Spirit of Huci: Four Seasons of an Ainu Woman
Gayman Jeffry Joseph (Part:Supervisor)
Jurosha   Dec 2018   
Being Indigenous: Perspectives on Activism, Culture, Language and Identity
Jeff Gayman (Part:Single Translation, Jirota Kitahara's Chapter 14, Current status of Ainu cultural revitalization)
Routledge   Nov 2018   
Indigenous Philosophies of Education Around the World
Jeff Gayman (Part:Contributor, Chapter 11: Ainu Puri: Content and Praxis of an Indigenous Philosophy of a Northern People, pp. 211-227)
Routledge   2018   
Gayman, Jeffry、萱野志朗、八重樫志仁、秋辺日出男、葛野次雄編 (Part:Joint Work)
Mar 2017   
Japan and Canada in Comparative Perspective: Economics and Politics; Regions, Places and People
Gayman, Jeff (Part:Contributor, On Collaborative Ainu Research Initiatives: Needs and Challenges, pp. 152-169)
Japanese Studies Association of Canada   2015   
Social Movements and the Production of Knowledge, Body, Practice and Society in East Asia (Senri Ethnological Studies 91)
Gayman,Jeff (Part:Contributor, Breaking through Impasses in the Ainu Rights Recovery Movement: A Case Study of one Transformational Activist-Disciple Relationship, pp. 45-61)
National Museum of Ethnology   2015   
Native Nations: The Survival of Fourth World Peoples
Gayman, Jeff (Part:Contributor, Chapter: The Ainu, pp. 55-72)
J.Charlton Publishing   2014   
Mar 2013   
The Contemporary Encyclopaedia of International Education
Jeffry Gayman (Part:Contributor)
Jun 2012   
Mar 2011   
学際白書 2009
Mar 2010   
Feb 2010   
フチ・エカシからの次世代へのメッセージーアイヌモシリ.北海道の13人のエカシとフチの聞き取りインタビューからー 財団法人アイヌ文化振興・研究推進機構 アイヌ関連総合研究等助成事業研究成果報告書
Feb 2008   
Get Organized! Stories and Reflections from Community Organizing
Jo Hann Tan and Roem Tapamatisang

Conference Activities & Talks

Realizations from a Course on “Rethinking Multiculturalism and Human Rights in Japan
Gayman, Jeffry
The International Association for Japan Studies   1 Dec 2019   
Whither the Future of Ainu Indigenous Rights?: An Examination of Contemporary Ainu Issues Through a Comparison of Official, Citizen and Ainu Activist Discourses
Gayman Jeff
Helsinki University/Hokkaido University/ University of Sheffield Tandem Language Learning Project Summer Study Session, Sheffield University   1 Sep 2018   
Impasses, and Possible Ways Forward in Ainu Educational Policy: Reflections from Fieldwork and Education-Related Research in Hokkaido
Gayman, Jeff
International Conference on Policy Towards Indigenous Peoples: Lessons to be Learned   2 Dec 2017   
Fitting A Square Peg into a Round Hole?: Ainu “Education”, Traditional Knowledge, and the Conundrum of Making Policy Proposals
Gayman Jeffry Joseph
Helsinki University/Hokkaido University/ University of Sheffield Tandem Language Learning Project Summer Study Session   12 Sep 2017   
On Needs and Challenges of University/ Indigenous Community Collaboration: Reflections from Work at the Hokkaido University Research Faculty of International Media and Communication /Graduate School of Education [Invited]
Jeff Gayman
Lecture delivered at at the School of Alaska Native Studies and Rural Development, University of Alaska, Fairbanks   10 Apr 2017   
On Needs and Challenges of Collaborative Ainu Research Initiatives: One Case of Collaborative Research with the Ainu of Japan
Jeff Gayman
Joint Conference Between Hokkaido University and University of Helsinki   2 Mar 2017   
On Collaborative Ainu Research Initiatives
Gayman, Jeffry
Japanese Studies Association of Canada Annual Meeting   21 May 2015   
The Recent Campaign to Deny Ainu People's Existence on the Grounds of Cultural Transformation: A Brief Account From an Ainu Counter-Perspective [Invited]
Gayman, Jeff and Mitsuru Ota
International Workshop on Social Transformation in Japan and South Korea: Comparing with Taiwan. Institute of Sociology (IOS), Academia Sinica   9 May 2015   
Continuity and Stasis in the Ainu Rights Recovery Movement: the Dialectic between (Indigenous) Struggle and Mainstream Cooptation of Cultural Reproduction. [Invited]
Jeff Gayman
International Symposium on Social movements and the production of knowledge: Politics, identity and social change in East Asia   22 Feb 2014   
Problems and Prospects for Post-Secondary Ainu Indigenous Educational Programs: “Borders” and “Crossings” In Tertiary Education and Museum Internships In Hokkaido, Japan
Gayman Jeffry
111th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association   17 Nov 2012   
アイヌ文化継承の組織化に向けて―アイヌ文化継承・教育を「先住民族教育」論から考える― [Invited]
27 Jul 2012   
24 Mar 2012   
12 Dec 2011   
“Movement” Movement and Stasis: A Longitudinal and Synchronic Examination of Education in the Ainu Rights Recovery Struggle
Gayman Jeffry
109th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association   20 Nov 2010   
3 Jul 2010   
Gayman Jeffry Joseph
20 Feb 2010   
Nibutani Village, A Language-Revitalization Case Study of one Ainu Hamlet inTransition
World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education   11 Dec 2008   
Schooling in Japan: Supporting or Suppressing Ainu Identity?  Recent Trends in Japanese Schooling Viewed Against the Ainu Cultural Movement.
Gayman Jeffry Joseph
28 Nov 2007   
28 Jul 2007   
On Ainu Place-Based Education
Gayman Jeff
31st Annual Bilingual Multicultural Education and Equity Conference   11 Feb 2005   State of Alaska Department of Education

Teaching Experience


Research Grants & Projects

Action Research on Articulations of Indigenous Knowledge in Hokkaido
Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science: Kaken
Project Year: Apr 2014 - Mar 2017    Investigator(s): Gayman Jeffry Joseph
Universities and Multiculturalism: Overcoming Historical Legacies of Pain Through Dialog and Collaboration
Project Year: Apr 2013 - Mar 2014    Investigator(s): Gayman Jeffry Joseph
Multilingualism and multiculturalism research 2012
Project Year: May 2012 - Mar 2013

Social Contribution

Thinking about the Future of the Ainu Through the Past and Present
[Panelist]  11 Nov 2018
[Panelist]  28 Jul 2018
[Lecturer]  26 Jan 2018