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Sapporo Medical University Professor emeritus
M.D.(1968), Ph.D.(1974)(Sapporo Medical University)


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Protein-tyrosine kinase CAKβ/PYK2 is activated by binding Ca2+/calmodulin to FERM F2 α2 helix and thus forming its dimer
KOHNO Takayuki, MATSUDA Eiko, SASAKI Hiroko, SASAKI Terukatsu (corresponding author)
Biochemical Journal 410(3) 513-523 2008
A commentary ""Calcium-dependent Pyk2 activation: a role for calmodulin?"" on this article by Michael D. Schaller is found at Biochem J 410(3) e3-e4 2008

Cloning and Characterization of Cell Adhesion Kinase β, a Novel Protein-tyrosine Kinase of the Focal Adhesion Kinase Subfamily
SASAKI Hiroko, NAGURA Kazuko, ISHINO Masaho, TOBIOKA Hirotoshi, KOTANI Kiyoshi, SASAKI Terukatsu (corresponding author)
The Journal of Biological Chemistry 270(36) 21206-21219 1995

Cell Adhesion Kinase β Forms a Complex with a New Member, Hic-5, of Proteins Localized at Focal Adhesions
MATSUYA Manabu, SASAKI Hiroko, AOTO Hiroshi, MITAKA Toshihiro, NAGURA Kazuko, OHBA Takeaki, ISHINO Masaho, TAKAHASHI Shuji, SUZUKI Rumiko, SASAKI Terukatsu (corresponding author)
The Journal of Biological Chemistry 273(2) 1003-1014 1998

Breakdown of phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate in a T-cell leukemia line stimulated by phytohemagglutinin is not dependent on Ca2+ mobilization
Biochemical Journal 227() 971-979 1985

Pathway of Phospholipase C Activation Initiated with Platelet-derived Growth Factor is Different from That Initiated with Vasopressin and Bombesin
HASEGAWA-SASAKI Hiroko, LUTZ Frieder, SASAKI Terukatsu (corresponding author)
The Journal of Biological Chemistry 263(26) 12970-12976 1988

Glucosylation of O-Antigen in Salmonella Carrying ε15 and ε34 Phages
SASAKI Terukatsu, UCHIDA Takahiro, KURAHASI Kiyoshi
The Journal of Biological Chemistry 249(3) 761-772 1974

My Research on the Ca2+/calmodulin-activated Protein-tyrosine Kinase, CAKβ/PYK2
Terukatsu Sasaki
Tumor Research Vol. 45, 5-9 2010 :

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