UKAI Mifuyu

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Academic & Professional Experience

Assistant Professor, Tohoku University Graduate School of Science, Department of Physics, Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics,Experimental Nuclear Physics

Awards & Honors

日本物理学会 若手奨励賞(原子核実験)
RHIC&AGS Thesis Award


Hypernuclear Fine Structure in OLambda16 and the Lambda N Tensor Interaction
M. Ukai et al.
Physical Review Letter   93 232501-1-232501-5   2004
Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy of (Lambda)O-16 and (Lambda)N-15 Hypernuclei via the O-16(K-, pi- gamma) reaction
M. Ukai et al.
Physical Review C   77 054315   2008
M. Ukai et al.
Physical Review C   73 012501(R)   2006
H. Sugimura et al.
European Physics Journal Web of Conference   66 09017-1-09017-4   2014
H. Tamura et al.
Nuclear Physics A   914 99-108   2013

Conference Activities & Talks

Prospect of A=4 hypernuclear spectroscopy with Hyperball-J
「Korea-Japan workshop on nuclear and   2014   
Study of the Lambda g-factor in hypernuclei via the gamma ray spectroscopy at J-PARC
Hadron in Nucleus   2013   
Prospect for the B(M1) measurement in the Li-7-Lambda and F-19-Lambda ground state doublets
The 8th JPSJ Core-to-Core symposium   2012   
Study of Lambda spin-flip B(M1) in hypernuclei via the gamma-ray spectroscopy at J-PARC
Hypernuclear and Strange particle physics (HYP2012)   2012   
Prospect for the gamma-ray spectroscopy of H-4-Lambda and He-4-Lambda hypernuclei at J-PARC
Few Body Problem 20th   2012   

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