SUN Ying

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SUN Ying
Yokohama National University
Graduate School of International Social Sciences International Social Sciences Section
Job title
Associate Professor
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Apr 2005
Mar 2008
Kyoto University

Published Papers

Deployment Structure on Influence Factors of Consumer Behavior Concerning Low-carbon Products Purchase
Yokohama Business Administration Society   39(1・2) 39-48   Sep 2018
The impact of green supply chain management practices on performance in Japanese electrical machinery companies
Yokohama Business Review   37(1) 73-83   May 2016
SUN Ying/MIYADERA Tetsuhiko
Environmental science   29(2) 57-69   Mar 2016   [Refereed]
Global and Planetary Change   (73 ) 172-185   2010   [Refereed]
The Transformation of the Industrial Structure and the Environmental Burden
(4・5) 69-96   Feb 2005   [Refereed]

Books etc

Environmental Governance for Sustainable Development,East Asian Perspectives
Ying SUN,Akihisa MORI, Tetsuhiko MIYADERA, Tsuyoshi FUJITA (Part:Joint Work, Chapter 14 Does Green Supply Chain Management enhance environmental management capacity? A case of the machinery industry in Japan and China)
Tokyo: United Nations Press   Mar 2013   ISBN:9789280812190
Tadanobu NAKAYAMA, Ying SUN, Yong GENG (Part:Joint Work, Chapter 9:Relation between River Management and Economic Growth in Urban Regions)
Nova Science Publishers Inc   2011   ISBN:9781612091457
Hannah S. Elliot and Lucas E. Martin(Eds.)

Conference Activities & Talks

Empirical Study on Low-Carbon Supply Chain Management Practices and Performance in Japanese Companies
Sun Ying
Taipei 2nd International Conference on Business, Economics,Social Science&Humanities-BESSH-2016   8 Mar 2016   
The effects of introducing forest certification system in a local forest town in Japan
Yang J., Yoshida K., Kranxer F., Sun Y., Yamagata Y.
58th Annual North American Meeting of the Regional Science Association International   9 Nov 2011   
Drivers and practices of Green supply chain management in Japan and China
Ying SUN, Tsuyoshi FUJITA, Akihisa MORI, Qinghua ZHU
6th International Conference on Industrial Ecology 2011 ISIE Conference, Science, Systems, and Sustainability   8 Jun 2011   
A comparative study of the green supply chain management between Japan and China.
SUN Ying, FUJITA Tsuyoshi, MORI Akihisa, WATATABE MASASHI, ZHU Qinghua
ISIE Asia-Pacific Meeting "Strengthening industrial ecology for the Asia-Pacific region"   7 Nov 2010   
Assessment of simulated water resource and its relation to economic growth in urban city of northern China.
Nakayama T., Sun Y., Don N.C., Fujita T., Geng Y.
Urban EnvironmentalPollution.2010   2010