Mizushima Hiroaki

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Mizushima Hiroaki
Sophia University
Faculty of Humanities, Department of Journalism
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real inpact by "Goodbye TV "
Journalism   (no.344(2019年1月号)) 86-87   Jan 2019
How Television report about General Election 2017
Communications research   (第48) 43-58   Mar 2018
Analises about TV broadcasting regarding Lower House election in 2017 through viewing data provided by M Date Co.Ltd.
Reseach about Journalism for Poverty,What issues have aimed journalist in 21st Century as agenda ?
Comunication Research   (第48) 89-118   Mar 2018
TV coverage of Lower House election 2017 stepped back from Upper House election 2016
(no.317 (2016年10月号)) 101-109   Oct 2016
compare with Uppser House election in 2016 ,Japanese TV's news coverage for Lower House election in 2017 stepped back both in quantity and qualty.

Books etc

Mizushima Hiroaki (Part:Editor, p.2-226)
Kobundo   Mar 2018   ISBN:978-4-335-95039-1
collection of short documenary stories about minority people who have difficulties in Japanese modern society
Mizushima Hiroaki (Part:Joint Work, p.204-225、P.352-383)
NHK Broadcasting Culture Institute   Dec 2016   ISBN:9784140817117
I take charge ofchapters regarding Sasuko Isono and Yutaka Yamazaki.
Mizushima Hiroaki (Part:Joint Work)
Sep 2016   ISBN:978-4000611534
Mizushima Hiroaki (Part:Joint Work)
Jan 2013   ISBN:9784874985014