FUKUI Kazutaka

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FUKUI Kazutaka
The University of Shimane Junior College
Job title
Associate Professor

Research Areas



The Present Conditions and the Prospects of Disabled Artists in Shimane
FUKUI Kazutaka
2    Mar 2019   [Refereed]

Conference Activities & Talks

Visual uncertainty -Twinkle
FUKUI Kazutaka
Jul 2019   
Freedom - Visual uncertainty
FUKUI Kazutaka
May 2019   
Visual uncertainty -LIVE [Invited]
FUKUI Kazutaka
Jan 2019   
A clip and hat [Invited]
FUKUI Kazutaka
19 Dec 2016   
Chronological succession [Invited]
FUKUI Kazutaka
2016KSBDA Katowice international invitational exhibition   12 Aug 2016   
The relation between mind and matter [Invited]
FUKUI Kazutaka
2016KSBDA LONDON international invitational exhibition   30 Jun 2016   
Jaipur [Invited]
FUKUI Kazutaka
2016 KSBDA ソウル国際招待作品展 ,ソウルアートセンター, Korea   3 Mar 2016   
Horizontal Plane in the Palm  [Invited]
2015KSBDA シアトル国際企画招待作品展, ワシントン大学, USA   2 Jul 2015   
The form that is going to become the flat aspect [Invited]
FUKUI Kazutaka
2015 KSBDA international spring invitational exhibition   30 Mar 2015   
Form to be ConnectedⅡ
2014 KSBDA international symposium & exhibition ,in Sapporo Shiryokan   2015   


SANINBIYORI -Isson Fukui solo Exhibition-
Artistic Activity   Dec 2012 - Mar 2013

Research Grants & Projects

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