KANEKO Toshiya

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KANEKO Toshiya
Meiji University
School of Law
Job title
Associate Professor
LLD(The University of Tokyo)

Research Interests


Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Oct 2014
Meiji University School of Law Associate Professor
Apr 2011
Mar 2014
Apr 2009
Sep 2014
Meiji University School of Law Senior Assistant Professor
Apr 2005
Mar 2007
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (DC2) Research Fellow


Apr 2002
Mar 2004
Graduate School, Division of Law and Politics, The University of Tokyo
Apr 2000
Mar 2002
Faculty of Laws, The University of Tokyo

Committee Memberships

May 2013
Mar 2014
the Publications Subcomitee of the Subdivision on Copyrights of the Council for the Cultural Affairs

Published Papers

Joint ownership of intellectual property
(34) 1-27   Jun 2011
Criminal Enforcement of Copyright in Japan
(31) 99-114   Sep 2013
Damages in Derivation Cases under Article 74 of the Japanese Patent Act
(58) 38-48   Sep 2014
Copyright Protection of Applied Arts in Japan : From the Viewpoint of Categorical Approach
Toshiya Kaneko
Journal of the Copyright Law Association of Japan   (43) 80-109   Apr 2017
Secondary Creation and Copyright Law
Toshiya Kaneko
Law Class   32-37   Feb 2018

Books etc

TPP and "Pre-established Damages" in Copyright Law and Trademark Law
Toshiya Kaneko
Shojihomu   Jan 2017   
Formation Process of Publication Right
Chuokeizaisya   Mar 2017   
Toward a Flexible Copyright System : Contents and the Role of Copyright Law
Nobuhiro Nakayama and Toshiya Kaneko (Part:Supervisor)
Shinzanssya   Apr 2017   
"Modification of Copyrighted Work" as a Requirement for Infringement of Right to Maintain Integrity : If It is Clear that It is Modified, It is not "Modified"
Toshiya Kaneko
sinzansya   Apr 2017   
Intellectual Property Law (Legal Quest)
Yasuyuki Echi, Ken Maeda, Toshiya Kaneko and Hiroya Aoki (Part:Joint Work)
Yuuhikaku   Apr 2018   

Conference Activities & Talks

Copyright, Parody and Doujinshi
Recent Developments in Japanese Copyright Law - Exceptions and Limitations   21 Mar 2012   the School of Law, Queen Mary, University of London & Meiji University, Tokyo
Criminal Enforcement of Copyright in Japan
Copyright and Digital Media - the view from Japan   20 Mar 2013   Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
Criminal Enforcement of Copyright in Japan
The First Asia-Pacific Intellectual Property Forum   17 Nov 2013   Renmin University
Amendment to the Japanese Copyright Act on E-books Publishing
CJK Seminar on Judicial Reform and Judicial Protection of Intellectual Property   28 Mar 2015   Law School of Beijing Institute of Technology