Nobuyuki Inamizu

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Nobuyuki Inamizu
The University of Tokyo
Division of Economics,Graduate School

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Associate Professor, University of Tsukuba Faculty of Business Sciences

Published Papers

Annals of Business Administrative Science   13(6) 343-352   Dec 2014   [Refereed]
Japanese companies often criticize themselves on their own "nurumayu [lukewarm] nature"; however, in reality, according to Takahashi (1989), the lukewarm feeling felt by organization members can be explained through the effective temperature hypot...
ゴミ箱の中を覗いてみる:ソースコードに隠された暗黙のルール―経営学輪講Cohen, March, and Olsen (1972)
赤門マネジメントレビュー   11(5) 327-340   May 2012
Nobuo, Takahashi;Nobuyuki, Inamizu
Annals of Business Administrative Science   11 1-10   Jan 2012   [Refereed]
Many studies cite Katz and Allen (1982) as a validation of Not-Invented-Here (NIH) syndrome. However, their "validation" is misled by 1) easily adopting a smoothing method on a scatter diagram with no clear trends, and 2) arbitrarily choosing the ...
Nobuyuki, Inamizu
Annals of Business Administrative Science   12(3) 111-121   Jun 2012   [Refereed]
The office research in environmental psychology that was inspired by the non-territorial office experiments of Allen and his colleagues in 1970, and undertaken since the 1980s, deemed privacy in the open office setting problematic; however, experi...
The adaptation process of work organization toward severe and fluctuated environment: Productivity analysis and time study of group leaders’ behaviours in an automobile assembly plant
Nobuyuki, Inamizu;Mitsuhiro, Fukuzawa;Takahiro, Fujimoto;Junjiro, Shintaku;Nobutaka, Suzuki
Proceedings of 4th P&OM World Conference      Jul 2012   [Refereed]

Books etc

白桃書房   Jun 2013   
高橋伸夫;中野剛治;和田剛明;大木清弘;桑島由芙;福澤光啓;稲水伸行;佐藤秀典 (Part:Contributor)
ミネルヴァ書房   Oct 2011   

Conference Activities & Talks

経営組織のコンピューター・シミュレーション:J. G. March系組織理論の発展の系譜
2013年度組織学会年次大会   20 Oct 2012   
The effectiveness of group leaders in lean production: Time study and agent-based model of their behaviours
20th International Annual EurOMA Conference   9 Jun 2013   European Operations Management Association (EurOMA)
This study adopts the mixed approach of simulation modelling and field study to
investigate the effectiveness of behaviours of leaders engaged in the role of a line chief
in lean production. The simulation results show that there is a tipping poin...