Tetsuji Saito

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Tetsuji Saito
Chiba Institute of Technology
Faculty of Engineering, Department of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering
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Mar 1986
Kyoto University

Published Papers

High performance Co-Zr-B melt-spun
Applied Physics Letters   82 2305-2307   Apr 2003
Extraction of Tb from Tb-Fe alloys by the glass slag method
T. Saito, T. Motegi
Scripta Materialia   51 1069-1073   Nov 2004   [Refereed]
New method for the prodcution of bulk amorphous materials of Nd-Fe-B alloys
Tetsuji Saito, Hiroyuku Takeishi, Noboru Nakayama
Journal of Materials Research   20 563-566   Mar 2005   [Refereed]
Magnetic properties of Co-Zn-P alloy prodcued by the chemical reduction
Journal of applied physics   99 08E906-1-3   May 2006
Magnetic properties of Sm5Fe17 melt-spun ribbon
Journal of applied physics   101 09K517-1-3   May 2007


Production of Sm5Fe17-based magnets by melt-spinning
T. Saito and H. Miyoshi
Proceedings of the 22nd International Workshop on Rare-Earth Permanent Magnets and their Application   119-122   Sep 2012
Production of Nd-Fe-B magnets by spark plasma sintering
T. Saito, T.Tomonari, H.Kageyama
Novel Materials Processing by Advanced Electromagnetic Energy Sources      Dec 2005

Conference Activities & Talks

New approaches to reduce the reliance on rare earths for permanent magnets [Invited]
Tetsuji Saito
APSMR 2018 Annual Meetting   22 Jul 2018   Asia Pacific Society for Materials Research