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Tokyo City University
Faculty of Engineering, Department of Chemistry and Energy Engineering, Tokyo City University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Chemistry and Energy Engineering
Ph.D. in Biotechnology(University of Tsukuba)
Other affiliation
Tokyo City University

Research Areas



Bioscience and Bioengineering, Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Tsukuba
College of Agrobiological Resource Science, Second Cluster of College, University of Tsukuba

Committee Memberships

Japan Oil Chemists' Society  Committee member


Takashi Kuroiwa, Hisato Kiuchi, Kazuki Noda, Isao Kobayashi, Mitsutoshi Nakajima, Kunihiko Uemura, Seigo Sato, Sukekuni Mukataka, Sosaku Ichikawa
Microfluid. Nanofluid.   Vol. 6(No. 6) 811-821   2009
Characterization and utilization of biocompatible water-in-oil microemulsion
Sosaku Ichikawa, Takashi Kuroiwa, Sukekuni Mukataka, Mitsutoshi Nakajima, Hiroshi Nabetani, Yoh Sano
3 689-691   2000
Takashi Kuroiwa, Ryoji Fujita, Isao Kobayashi, Kunihiko Uemura, Mitsutoshi Nakajima, Seigo Sato, Peter Walde, Sosaku Ichikawa
Chem. Biodiversity   9(11) 2453-2472   2012
Size control and improvement of entrapment yield in the preparation of giant vesicles using monodisperse water-in-oil emulsions
Takashi Kuroiwa, Shinji Sugiura, Mitsutoshi Nakajima, Seigo Sato, Sukekuni Mukataka, Sosaku Ichikawa
CD-ROM No. 380   2006
Ming Mei, Takashi Kuroiwa, Sosaku Ichikawa, Seigo Sato, Sukekuni Mukataka
CD-ROM No. PE-21   2006

Books etc

Bio-nanotechnology-A Revolution in Food, Biomedical and Health Sciences (Chapter 32, Production of Monodisperse food-grade fine dispersions by micro/nanochannel emulsification)
Wiley-VCH   2013   ISBN:978-0-470-67037-8
Bio-nanotechnology-A Revolution in Food, Biomedical and Health Sciences (Chapter 30, Formulation and Characterization of Nanodispersions Composed of Dieatary Materials for the Delivery of Bioactive Susbtances)
Wiley-VCH   2013   ISBN:978-0-470-67037-8
Lipids in Nanotechnology (Chapter 5, Formulation of lipid micro/nanodispersion systems)
AOCS Press   2011   ISBN:978-0-981-89367-9
Kouso Riyou Gijutsu Taikei (written in Japanese)
NTS   2010   ISBN:978-4-86043-271-3
Advanced Technology for Microbiological Production in Japan
CMC Publishing   2012   ISBN:978-4-7813-0658-2

Conference Activities & Talks

Effect of type of emulsifiers on the encapsulation efficiency of hydrophilic compounds into lipid vesicles prepared using multiple emulsions as template materials
12th International Hydrocolloids Conference   2014   
The influence of polysaccharide on the stability of protein stabilized oil-in-water emulsion prepared by microchannel emulsification technique
The 10th International Symposium on Electrokinetic Phenomena   2012   
Immobilization and stabilization of chitosanase using a magnetic composite gel consisting of agar and magnetite nanoparticles
10th Asia-Pacific Chitin & Chitosan Symposium   2013   
Efficient entrapment of water-soluble materials into size-controlled giant vesicles using monodisperse water-in-oil emulsions
The 5th Symposium on Engineering Science of Liposomes   2007   
Membrane purification of giant vesicles prepared by lipid-coated ice droplet hydration method
JSPS-SNSF International Seminar on Membranomics   2008   


Grant-in-aid for Young Scientists
2010 - 2012
2011 - 2012

Research Grants & Projects

Development of efficient enzymatic reaction process
Development of functional materials via molecular assembly
Development of biopolymer-based particulate materials