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Waseda University
Faculty of Science and Engineering School of Advanced Science and Engineering
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Dr.Eng(University of Tokyo)
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Electric engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo
Electric engineering, Graduate School, Division of Engineering, University of Tokyo

Published Papers

Kobayashi, Yasuyuki; Kumakura, Kazuhide; Akasaka, Tetsuya; Yamamoto, Hideki; Makimoto, Toshiki
2014 Silicon Nanoelectronics Workshop, SNW 2014      Dec 2015
© 2014 IEEE.We demonstrate that hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) can work as a release layer that enables the mechanical transfer of gallium nitride (GaN)-based device structures onto foreign substrates. We illustrate the potential versatility of th...
Makimoto, T.; Kumakura, K.; Maeda, M.; Yamamoto, H.; Horikoshi, Y.; Horikoshi, Y.
Journal of Crystal Growth   425 138-140   Jul 2015
© 2015 Elsevier B.V. A 20 nm-thick AlON buffer layer consisting of Al<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf>, graded AlON, AlN, and thin Al<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf> amorphous films was used to grow AlN on a sapphire substrate by molecular beam epitaxy with radi...
Thiru, Sathiabama; Thiru, Sathiabama; Asakawa, Masaki; Honda, Kazuki; Kawaharazuka, Atsushi; Tackeuchi, Atsushi; Makimoto, Toshiki; Makimoto, Toshiki; Horikoshi, Yoshiji; Horikoshi, Yoshiji
Journal of Crystal Growth   425 203-206   Jul 2015
© 2015 Elsevier B.V.All rights reserved. High quality CuGaSe<inf>2</inf> and CuInSe<inf>2</inf> single crystalline layers are grown on GaAs (001) by employing the deposition sequence of migration enhanced epitaxy using a solid source molecular bea...
Kuramoto, Makoto; Kuramoto, Makoto; Urabe, Hiroyuki; Urabe, Hiroyuki; Nakano, Tomohiro; Nakano, Tomohiro; Kawaharazuka, Atsushi; Kawaharazuka, Atsushi; Nishinaga, Jiro; Nishinaga, Jiro; Makimoto, Toshiki; Horikoshi, Yoshiji; Horikoshi, Yoshiji
Journal of Crystal Growth   425 333-336   Jul 2015
© 2015 Elsevier B.V. The effect of excitons in Al<inf>x</inf>Ga<inf>1-x</inf>As/GaAs superlattice solar cells has been investigated. We have shown that the superlattice active layers are effective to improve the solar cell performances because of ...
Thiru, Sathiabama;Asakawa, Masaki;Honda, Kazuki;Kawaharazuka, Atsushi;Tackeuchi, Atsushi;Makimoto, Toshiki;Horikoshi, Yoshiji
AIP ADVANCES   5(2)    2015

Research Grants & Projects

Growth of BN on graphene by RF-MBE
Project Year: Apr 2014 - Mar 2017
We focused on the wide-bandgap nitride semiconductors as an insulating thin layer for epitaxial graphene on SiC to fabricate graphene electronic devices. First, a thin AlN layer was grown on the graphene by RF-MBE. It was found that the AlN surfac...
Research on hexagonal boron nitride semiconductors
We demonstrate that (0001) hexagonal boron nitrides (h-BN) are epitaxially grown on (111) Ni and (0001) sapphire substrates by metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy. A near-band-gap ultraviolet emission peak centered at energy of 5.47eV (227nm) is clea...


2016- 82079 : 窒化物半導体結晶成長方法
牧本 俊樹, 前田 理也, 堀越 佳治
2015-168594 : 窒化物半導体の成長方法
牧本 俊樹, 堀越 佳治, 前田 理也, 小林 祐輝