Fukada Hidemi

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Fukada Hidemi
Otaru University of Commerce
Faculty of Commerce, Department of Information and Management Science
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Published Papers

Proposal of Tsunami Evacuation Support System Using a Tablet PC
情報処理学会,マルチメディア・分散・協調とモバイル(DICOMO2013)シンポジウム論文集      Jul 2013   [Refereed]
日本地震工学会論文集   12(3) 1-20   Aug 2012   [Refereed]
観光情報学会誌「観光と情報」   8(1) 51-66   May 2012   [Refereed][Invited]
Evaluation of Disaster Information Management System Using Tabletop User Interfaces
In Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCII 2011)   Human Interface,Part II 373-380   Jul 2011   [Refereed]
情報処理学会研究報告   IS-115(13) 1-8   Mar 2011
Implications of envisioning citizen-centered administrative services
Proc. of SICE Annual Conference 2010   FA02(4) 1437-1440   Aug 2010   [Refereed]
Theory and Applications of GIS   18(1) 11-19   Jun 2010   [Refereed]
Proposal of Disaster Information Management Support System Using Tabletop User Interfaces
IPSJ SIG Technical Report   IS-111(12) 1-8   Mar 2010
Study on Pseudo Update of Building Shape in Road Ledger Digital Map
WSEAS Transactions on Information Science and Applications   Issue.7(5) 1281-1291   Jul 2008   [Refereed]
Method of Pseudo Update for Building Shape in Road Ledger Digital Map and its Evaluation
Proc. of the 12th WSEAS International Conferences on SYSTEMS   553-556   Jul 2008   [Refereed]
IPSJ Journal   49(6) 1844-1858   Jun 2008   [Refereed]
A Study on Advanced Applications of Integrated Geographical Information System in Local Government
1-161   Mar 2008
日本社会情報学会学会誌   19(3) 35-48   Mar 2008   [Refereed]
Proposal and Field Experiment of Road Facility Management Support Systems by RFID and GIS
Proc. of the 3rd International Joint Conferences on Computer, Information, and Systems Sciences, and Engineering   (264) 207-212   2008   [Refereed]
Field Experiment of Road Facility Management Support Systems with RFID and GIS Integration
Proc. of the 6th International Conference on Geographical Information Technology and Applications   MA07(PN69,(CD-ROM))    Aug 2007   [Refereed]
A Proposal of Support System for Disaster Emergency Operation Using an Estimation Method of Seismic Intensity on Ground Response
IPSJ Journal   48(3) 1020-1037   Mar 2007   [Refereed]
Neural Networks with Hierarchically Structured Information and its Unlearning Effects
T. Shirakura, H. Fukada, K. Shindo
Proc. of International Workshop on Soft Computing in Industry '99   121-124   Jun 1999   [Refereed]


Method of Pseudo Update for Building in Road Ledger Digital Map and its Evaluation
   Mar 2008

Books etc

Field Experiment of System to Provide Tourism Information Using Image Recognition Type AR Technology. In Khaled Elleithy & Tarek Sobh [Eds.], New Trends in Networking, Computing, E-learning, Systems Sciences, and Engineering, Vol.312,pp.381-387
Hidemi Fukada, Koichi Kasai, and Shou Ohtsu (Part:Joint Work)
Springer   Jan 2015   ISBN:978-3-319-06763-6

Conference Activities & Talks

The evaluation for urban planing and sightseening spots in Otaru city, Japan. -A Study on the Pedestrian Scale Excursion Patterns of Tourists-
KAWAMURA Shin'ya, FUKADA Hidemi and HASHIMOTO Yuichi
International Geographical Union 2018 (IGU2018) Quebe Regional Conference, ABS1043: Quebec City Convention Centre, Quebec City, Canada.   8 Aug 2018   
Regional Characteristics Analysis of Tourist Areas - A Study on the Pedestrian Scale Excursion Patterns of Tourists -
Kawamura Shin'ya, Fukada Hidemi, Hashimoto Yuichi
The 11th Japan-Korea-China Joint Conference on Geography : Sapporo, Hokkaido.   12 Sep 2016   
Geo-spatial Analysis of GPS Log Data and Detailed Land Use Data for The Preservation of Tourist City : a Geographical Study in Otaru City, Hokkaido,
Yusuke Okuno, Yuichi Hashimoto, Hidemi Fukada, Takeshi Kawamura
International Geographical Union 2013 Kyoto Regional Conference   Aug 2013