sugita hirotaka

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sugita hirotaka
Hiroshima University
Graduate School of Education
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Research Areas

  • Education / Education / philosophy of education

Published Papers

杉田 浩崇
道徳教育方法研究 = The research for methods of moral education   (23) 1-10   2017   [Refereed]
杉田 浩崇
教育学研究 = The Japanese journal of educational research   82(2) 229-240   Jun 2015   [Refereed]
杉田 浩崇, 小島 啓明, 角藤 定男
愛媛大学教育実践総合センター紀要   (33) 169-176   2015


高橋 平徳, 杉田 浩崇, 山﨑 哲司
大学教育実践ジャーナル = Journal of faculty and staff development in higher education   (16) 47-52   Mar 2018   [Refereed]
野本 星来, 大北 悟, 白松 賢, 二宮 章紘, 太田 佳光, 杉田 浩崇, 尾川 満宏, 遠藤 敏朗
日本特別活動学会紀要 = Journal of JASEA   26(26) 69-78   Mar 2018   [Refereed]
太田 佳光, 白松 賢, 苅田 知則, 遠藤 敏朗, 重松 純夫, 尾川 満宏, 杉田 浩崇, 信原 孝司
愛媛大学教育実践総合センター紀要   (34) 105-112   2016

Conference Activities & Talks

Pedagogical Aspects of Two Uses of 'Analogy' in the Later Wittgenstein's Method of Philosophy
sugita hirotaka
PESA Conference 2018   10 Dec 2018   
A Narrative Approach to Moral Reasoning in Japanese 'Moral Lesson' Classes
sugita hirotaka
The 12th Anniversary Conference of Asia-Pacific Network for Moral Education   29 Apr 2018   
The Difficulty of Seeing the World Differently: A Pedagogical and Ethical Aspect of Persuasion
sugita hirotaka
PESA (Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia) Annual Conference   4 Dec 2017   
On the Role of Perception in Practical Reasoning: Some Implications of the McDowell-Dreyfus Debate for Moral Education
sugita hirotaka
Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain Annual Conference   Mar 2014   
The Logico-Grammatical Status of the Inner and its Implication for Understanding Otherness of Offspring: Rethinking Wittgenstein' s Philosophy of Mind
sugita hirotaka
Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain Annual Conference   Apr 2011