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  • Soya, M, Jesmin, S, Shima, T, Matsui, T, Soya, H(Role: Contributor, Dysregulation of glycogen metabolism with concomitant spatial memory dysfunction in type 2 diabetes: Potential beneficial effects of chronic exercise)
    Advances in Neurobiology  2018 
  • Jesmin, S, Mamun,AA, Rahman,A, Akter,S, Iwashima,Y, Shimojo,N, Yamaguchi,N, Hiroe,M, Moroi,M
    Apple Academic press  2 2014 
  • Jesmin, S, Maeda,S, Iemitsu,M(Role: Contributor, Endothelin and Nitric Oxide in Exercise and Exercise Training.)
    Cooper Publishing Group  1 2005