Jeet Bahadur Sapkota

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Jeet Bahadur Sapkota
Kwansei Gakuin University
Other affiliation
University of Tsukuba

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Assistant Professor, University of Tsukuba Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Mar 2013
Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences,, University of Tsukuba,
May 2012
Mar 2013
Research Assistant, Research,, JICA Research Institute,
Apr 2010
Apr 2012
Research Associate, Research,, Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI),
May 2011
Mar 2013
Visiting Assistant Professor, Waseda Institute for Asia Pacific Studies,, Waseda University,


Apr 2008
Mar 2011
Ph.D. in International Studies, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies (GSAPS),, Waseda University,
Apr 2006
Mar 2008
M.A. in International Relations, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies (GSAPS),, Waseda University,
Sep 1996
Sep 1998
Master's Degree in Business Administration, Department of Management,, Tribhuvan University,
Sep 1992
Sep 1996
Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Department of Management,, Tribhuvan University,

Committee Memberships

Sep 2017
May 2014
International Studies Association (ISA)  Member
Apr 2009
Association for Asian Studies (AAS)  Member
Apr 2010
Mar 2012
East Asian Economic Association (EAEA)  Member
Jul 2009
Jun 2012
Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) - Doctoral Student Network  Member~Vice Chair~Advisor

Awards & Honors

Jun 2009
For an important contribution to the understanding of development economics., ASPAC-Esterline Best Paper Award, Annual Conference of Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast (ASPAC)
Aug 2009
For an outstanding conference paper on globalization's impacts on quality of life convergence in Asia, Global COE Best Paper Award, Global Institute for Asian Regional Integration (GIARI), Waseda University
Apr 2000
For securing the highest grade within the campus in MBA study., Campus Topper Award, Tribhuvan University, Nepal Commerce Campus
Apr 1989
For securing the highest marks in School Leaving Certificate (SLC) exam., District Toper Award, District Government Office

Published Papers

Sapkota, Jeet Bahadur;Acharya, Chakra Pani;Minowa, Mari;Neupane, Pramila
Journal of International Studies   11(3) 271-283   Oct 2018   [Refereed]
While economic nationalism is mounting over the globalization around the western world in recent years, Asia’s external trade and the economies overall is growing faster than in other regions shifting the center of gravity of the world economy fro...
Jeet, Bahadur Sapkota;Paudel, Damaru Ballabha;Neupane, Pramila;Thapa, Rajesh Bahadur
Global Social Welfare      Jun 2018   [Refereed]
The preference for a son at birth is one of the key issues of demographic studies conducted in less developed countries; however, exploration of preference for sex of children among women in Nepal is rare. This paper estimates the likelihood of pr...
Youth and Sport Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Government Policy in Nepal
Jeet, Bahadur Sapkota;Neupane, Pramila
International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences      Jun 2018   [Refereed]
Sport’s positive impact on socioeconomic development is well documented in the literature. The theoretical foundation of sport as a vehicle for social change is also strengthening together with the global growth of sport for development and peace ...
Jeet,Bahadur Sapkota
Access to infrastructure and human wellbeing: evidence from rural Nepal   28(2) 182-194   Feb 2018   [Refereed]
This study documents the level of access to infrastructure and assesses its perceived impacts on human wellbeing in rural Nepal. This study found a more varied level of wellbeing in less remote communities and determined that the perceived impacts...
Neupane, Pramila;Thapa, Rajesh Bahadur;Sapkota, Jeet Bahadur
International Journal of Research Studies in Education   7(3)    May 2017   [Refereed]
Due to globalization and internationalization of education, the importance of English
language has been growing consistently. Like many other countries around the globe, English
is taught as a compulsory subject from the primary level in Nepal. De...

Books etc

Perspectives on the Post-2015 Development Agenda
Jeet,Bahadur Sapkota;Sakiko,Shiratori
JICA Research Institute   Jun 2014   ISBN:9784863570610
Using a MDG Database from the World Bank, this chapter attempts an assessment of progress towards key indicators between 1990 and 2010. This study also examines how different initial conditions have affected the speed of progress and how overall i...
Perspectives on the Post-2015 Development Agenda
Jeet,Bahadur Sapkota
JICA Research Institute   Jun 2014   ISBN:9784863570610
This chapter attempts to fill the gap in the currently limited available empirical literature concerning the impacts of infrastructure on human development. This study assesses the impacts of several infrastructure variables (access to electricity...
Impacts of Globalization on Quality of Life
Jeet,Bahadur Sapkota
Lambert Academic Publishing   Nov 2011   ISBN:3846594857
This book is based on the Ph.D. dissertation, which makes a number of contributions to the literature on the relationship between globalization and quality of life (QOL). It uses a comprehensive measure and various specific elements of both the de...

Conference Activities & Talks

Globalization and global convergence
Jeet,Bahadur Sapkota
15th Asia Pacific Conference on "Global Perspectives in Changing Local Landscapes"   11 Nov 2017   Ritsumeikan Center for Asia Pacific Studies (RCAPS), Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
This article examines whether the core development indicators (mainly related to income, health and education) are converging across the countries around the world and assesses the impact of globalization on the convergence or divergence process. ...
Natural Disasters and Academic Performance: Evidence from 2015 Nepal Earthquake
Jeet,Bahadur Sapkota
The 30th Annual Conference of The Japanese Association for South Asian Studies (JASAS)   23 Sep 2017   Toyo University and the Japanese Association for South Asian Studies (JASAS)
Natural disasters can have very significant negative impacts on different aspects of people and communities. Education, particularly the students’ academic performance is not an exception. Notably, adverse impacts on students’ performance are more...
Does globalization affect global convergence and divergence?
Jeet,Bahadur Sapkota
International Conference on Applied Economics and Policy (ICAEP) 2017   21 Aug 2017   Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Malaya
This paper examines whether the basic human quality of life (QOL) indicators (mainly related to income, health and education) are converging or diverging in the world and assesses the impact of globalization on the convergence/divergence process. ...
Determinants of Regional Trade Integration in Asia
Jeet,Bahadur Sapkota
13th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Trade Seminars 2017   16 Jun 2017   Asia Pacific Trade Seminars and Foreign Trade University
While the western world seems backing to economic nationalism over the globalization in recent years, Asia’s external trade and the overall economy is growing faster than other regions in the world shifting the center of gravity of the world econo...
Human Development Impacts of Access to Infrastructure in Hills and Mountains? Evidence from Households of Three Remote Villages in Nepal
Jeet,Bahadur Sapkota
ISA Global South Caucus Conference, Singapore   8 Jan 2015   The Global South Caucus of the International Studies Association (GSCIS)
This paper explores the current situation of access to different infrastructure services and assesses its impacts on human development through the door to door household survey of one hundred randomly selected households from purposefully selected...

Teaching Experience



Apr 2017
Reviewer, Quality and Quantity (a Springer journal)
Feb 2017
Reviewer, International Studies Perspectives (an Oxford Journal)