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Rissho University
Faculty of Geo-Environmental Science, Department of Environment Systems

Research Areas


Published Papers

Geomorphological development at Paleolithic sites of Imjin River Region, Korea, inferred from luminescence dating
Shitaoka, Y. , Nagatomo, T., Yagi, H. and Yi, S.
Bulletin of Geo-Environmental Science   (19) 29-38   Mar 2017   [Refereed]
Eruption age of Sakurajima-Satsuma tephra using thermoluminescence dating
Shitaoka, Y., Moriwaki, H., Akai, F., Nakamura, N., Miyoshi, M. and Yamamoto, J.
Bulletin of Geo-Environmental Science   (18) 29-35   Mar 2016   [Refereed]
Dose Dependence and Palaeodose Estimation for IRSL of Feldspar and Chinese Loess with Differenet Wave Ranges Using an Automated TL/OSL System with Four Optical Paths
Bulletin of Geo-Environmental Science   (17)    2015   [Refereed]
Multiple luminescence and ESR dating approaches to date Japanese marker tephras.
Biswas, R.H., Toyoda, S., Takada, M. and Shitaoka, Y.
Quaternary Geochronology      2015   [Refereed]
Construction of a new automated luminescence measuring system
Shitaoka Y., Hatano S., Tanabe K., Sakae O. and Takemura K.:
Annual Report of Institute for Geothermal Sciences (FY2013)   (26)    2014


Preliminary study of the Age of Disappearance of Datong Lake and Appearance of Sanggan River Based on OSL and 14C Data in Nihewan Basin, China.
Shitaoka, Y., Sagawa, M., Nagatomo, T., Wei, Q., Chao, M. and Hu, P.
The 16th International Symposium: Suyangge and her neighbours   27-37   2013

Conference Activities & Talks

Eruption age determination of the latest two lava flows and characteristics of volcaniclastic materials from the recent activity of Yokodake Volcano, Japan
27 May 2019   
OSL dating of Erdaoliang site at Nihewan Basin, northern China
Shitaoka, Y., Sagawa, M. and Wei, Q.
The 8th Meeting of the Asian Paleolithic Association   2016   
Is the Soanian associated with biface? Reevaluation of surface collected assemblaeges of the Soan Valley. [Invited]
Noguchi, A., Zahir, M., Shitaoka, Y. and Salim, M.
International Union for Quaternary Research, XIX Congress   2015   
Optically stimulated luminescence used for dating of desert sediments.
Shitaoka, Y., Noguchi, A., Mallah, Q.H., Veesar, G.M. Shaikh, N. and Kondo, H.:
International Union for Quaternary Research, XIX Congress   2015   
Settlement pattern dynamics and its implications for desert environment during the late Pleistocene and the Holocene in the western fringe of Thar Desert, Sindh, Pakistan.
Noguchi, A., Shitaoka, Y., Mallah, Q.H., Veesar, G.M. Shaikh, N. and Kondo, H.
International Union for Quaternary Research, XIX Congress   2015