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Saitama University
Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2018
Associate professor, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Saitama Univerisity
Jul 2015
Mar 2018
Researcher, Department of Empirical Social Security Research, National Institute of Population and Social Security Research
Apr 2014
Jun 2015
Assistant Professor, College of Economics Department of Economic Policy Studies, RIKKYO UNIVERSITY


Apr 2011
Mar 2014
Doctral Program, Graduate School, Division of Economics, Keio University
Apr 2009
Mar 2011
Master's Program, Graduate School, Division of Economics, Keio University
Apr 2005
Mar 2009
Faculty of Economics, Keio University

Awards & Honors

Sep 2014
Annual Thesis Award

Published Papers

Yui Ohtsu, Kuriko Watanabe
Journal of Social Security Research   4(3) 275-286   Dec 2019   [Invited]
Tomohiro Morita, Michihito Ando, Yui Ohtsu
PloS one   14(9) e0218835   Sep 2019   [Refereed]
Towards the Reconstruction of Long-Term Time Series Statistics on Causes of Death in Japan: How to Remove the Influence of a New Death Certificate in 1995
Yui Ohtsu, Yu Korekawa, Futoshi Ishii, Markéta Pechholdová・France Meslé・Jacques Vallin
Journal of population problems   74(2) 99-117   Jun 2018
The Fund for Comprehensively Securing Regional Health and Long-term Care in Japan
Yui Ohtsu
Kaikei-kensa Kenkyu   (56) 27-46   Sep 2017   [Refereed]
The Difference and Determinant of Medical Care Expenditure by Health Insurance Societies in Japan
Japanese Journal of Labour Studies   (682) 25-36   Apr 2017
Review of the Regional Medical Vision and Future Supply of and Demand for Doctors
Yui Ohtsu, Yuya Ogata
Journal of Social Security Research   1(3) 514-522   Dec 2016
Yoko Ibuka, Stacey H. Chen, Yui Ohtsu, and Nobuyuki Izumida
Fiscal Studies   37(3-4) 561-592   Nov 2016   [Refereed]
Effects of admission and withdrawal on medical expenditure in Japan's National Health Insurance
Yui Ohtsu
Japanese Journal of Health Economic and Policy   27(1) 40-54   Jul 2015   [Refereed]
Exploring a Local Government Program that Provides a Place for Older People to Engage in Daytime Activities
Shirase Yumika, Ohtsuka Rika, Ohtsu Yui, Izumida Nobuyuki
Journal of Ohara Institute for Social Research   (680) 54-69   Jun 2015   [Refereed]
『パネルデータによる政策評価分析 [3] 親子関係と家計行動のダイナミズム―財政危機下の教育・健康・就業』慶應義塾大学出版会   143-159   Jun 2012