Fujii Satomi

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Fujii Satomi
BA (Foreign Studies)(Sophia University), MA (Linguistics)(Sophia University), PhD (Linguistics)(Sophia University)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Lecturer, Sophia University Center for Language Education and Research

Published Papers

Symposium for CLIL in a Japanese Tertiary Education Context
Lingua   27 181-197   Feb 2017
Vocabulary learning through EFL classroom communication
Satomi Fujii
29th Annual Sophia Linguistics Symposium Proceedings 2015   29 38-53   Jan 2015   [Invited]
Classroom communication and the vocabulary learning process of EFL students: Lexical items recalled after class and the learners’ post performance
Satomi Fujii
   Mar 2014
English learned through classroom interaction
Satomi Fujii
ARCLE REVIEW   (5) 27-36   Mar 2011   [Refereed][Invited]
Gaikokugo gakushuu・shidou bamen ni okeru doukiduke kennkyuu seka no shinnto wo mezashite. [外国語学習・指導場面における動機づけ研究成果の浸透を目指して]
Satomi Fujii
Sophia University Linguistic Society No. 25   (25) 97-109   Jan 2011

Books etc

CLIL(Content and Language Integrated Learning) New Challenges in Foreign Language Education at Sophia University Volume 3: Lessons and Materials "Chapter 4 CLIL Program at Sophia University 3 Sample lessons of CLIL courses"
Fujii Satomi
Sophia University Press   Aug 2016   
Lingua Special Issue on CLIL
Fujii Satomi (Part:Joint Editor)
Sophia University Center for Language Education and Research   Mar 2016   
Junior Progressive Japanese-English Dictionary *Charming Edition* [プログレッシブ中学和英辞典 *Charming Edition*]
Fujii Satomi
Shogakukan   Dec 2015   
Progressive Japanese-English Dictionary for Adult Learners [プログレッシブ 大人のための英語学習辞典]
Fujii Satomi
Shogakukan   Nov 2015   
Junior Progressive Japanese-English Dictionary [プログレッシブ中学和英辞典]
Fujii Satomi
Shogakukan   Feb 2014   ISBN:9784095107578

Conference Activities & Talks

Vocabulary Learning Processes of Japanese EFL University Students in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) Courses
EuroSLA 2016   25 Aug 2016   
Theory and Practice of CLIL - Practice -
Symposium for CLIL in a Japanese Tertiary Education Context   4 Aug 2016   
Tracking Progress of Japanese EFL University Students’ Receptive and Productive Vocabulary Knowledge
TESOL 2016   8 Apr 2016   
Effects of active interaction during in-class collaborative work on language learners’ recall of lexical items.
Satomi Fujii
AAAL 2015   Mar 2015   AAAL 2015
Satomi Fujii
29th Annual Sophia Linguistics Symposium   19 Jul 2014