IMURA Kosuke

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IMURA Kosuke
Yokohama City University
School of Medicine Medical Course
Job title
Assistant Professor

Research Areas


Published Papers

Fiber Connections of the Caudal Corpus Cerebelli, with Special Reference to the Intrinsic Circuitry, in a Teleost (Oreochromis niloticus)
Imura K, Yamamoto N, Yoshimoto M, Endo M, Funakoshi K, Ito H.
Brain Behav Evol   89(1) 15-32   2017   [Refereed]
Sato I, Imura K, Miwa Y, Yoshida S, Sunohara M
Journal of cranio-maxillo-facial surgery : official publication of the European Association for Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery   40(8) e249-52   Dec 2012   [Refereed]
Topographical organization of TRPV1-immunoreactive epithelium and CGRP-immunoreactive nerve terminals in rodent tongue
Kawashima M, Imura K, Sato I
Eur J Histochem   56(2) 129-134   2012   [Refereed]
Asaumi R, Sato I, Miwa Y, Imura K, Sunohara M, Kawai T, Yosue T
Surgical and radiologic anatomy : SRA   32(8) 745-751   Oct 2010   [Refereed]
Identification of the novel localization of tenascin-X in the monkey choroid plexus and comparison with the mouse
Imura K, Sato I
Eur J Histochem   53(4) 225-232   2009   [Refereed]