SAITOU Kousuke

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SAITOU Kousuke
Yokohama National University
Research Initiatives and Promotion Organization
Job title
Specially Appointed Associate Professor
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Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Jan 2017
Specially Appointed Associate Professor, Research Initiatives and Promotion Organization, Yokohama National University
Jul 2013
Dec 2016
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, Research Initiatives and Promotion Organization, Yokohama National University


Mar 2011
Graduate School, Division of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Tsukuba
Mar 2003
Third Cluster of College, University of Tsukuba

Published Papers

Seeking Techno-Hegemony in the Indo-Pacific Region
Kousuke Saitou
Indo-Pacific Strategy and New Southern Policy: A New Frontier for Cooperation, 2019 KAIS Annual Conference      Dec 2019   [Invited]
Takahashi Minori, Shinji Kawana, Kousuke Saitou, Yu Koizumi, Shino Hateruma & Ayae Shimizu
Arctic Yearbook 2019      Nov 2019   [Refereed]
The Transformation of the U.S. Interests in Greenland: The Diversification of the Value and Increase in the “Vulnerability” of the Thule Air Base
Kousuke Saitou
working paper for Arctic Politics Research Seminars 2017      Dec 2017
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and the U.S. Security Policy : Policy Adjustment in the Implementation Phase of Innovation
SAITO Kosuke
42(2) 34-49   Sep 2014   [Invited]
Fiscal Pressure and the U.S. Defense Industrial Base
SAITO Kosuke
59(11) 80-96   Nov 2011
U.S. arms exports to Israel: special relationship with potential problems
SAITO Kosuke
510(3) 112-117   Jan 2011   [Refereed]
U.S. defense R & D in the end stage of the Cold War: a case study of the JSTARS acquisition program
SAITO Kosuke
21 39-50   Mar 2008   [Refereed]
The U.S. foreign intervention policies in the post cold war period: with the focus on the influence of the military reform
SAITO Kosuke
18 39-52   Feb 2007   [Refereed]


U.S.'s Third Offset Strategy : Its historical context and challenges
Diplomacy   40 80-86   Nov 2016   [Invited]
Book Reviews : IWASHITA Akihiro, ed., Reshaping the International Order in Eurasia
SAITO Kosuke
42(3) 120-124   Dec 2014   [Invited]

Books etc

Kousuke Saitou (Part:Joint Work, How Have the U.S. Interests in Greenland Changed?: Reconstructing the Perceived Value of Thule Air Base After the Cold War)
Springer   Feb 2019   ISBN:3030016765

Conference Activities & Talks

Seeking Techno-Hegemony in the Indo-Pacific Region [Invited]
Kousuke Saitou
Korean Association of International Studies (KAIS) Annual Conference   13 Dec 2019   
International Political Science Research on Security in the Arctic
Takahashi Minori, Shinji Kawana, Kousuke Saitou, and Yuu Koizumi
Arctic Politics Research Seminars 2017   8 Dec 2017   
(討論者)防衛装備と技術開発 [Invited]
国際安全保障学会2017年度年次大会部会④   3 Dec 2017