Noboru Ishikawa

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Noboru Ishikawa
Kyoto University

Published Papers

"ethnography and Theory-Highland Burma and Anthropologies 1954-1982"
石川 登
Japanese Ethnology,57/1,40-53      1992
"Peasants with Round Trip Tickets : Circulars Labor Migration and the Forefrant of Community Studies"
石川 登
Japanese Ethnology,58/1,53-72      1993
Rubber Booms and Peasants on the Border : a case from Western Borneo
石川 登
The Japanese Journal of Ethnology,61/4,586-615      1997


Between Frontiers : the Formation and Marginalization of a Bordenalnd Malay Community in Southwestern Sarawak, Malaysia, 18705-19905, ph. D. thesis, City University of NewYork
石川 登
Michigan University Microfilm Inc,      1998