Shinsuke NAGAOKA

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Shinsuke NAGAOKA
Kyoto University
Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies Division of Global Area Studies

Research Areas

  • Area studies / Area studies / Islamic Area Studies, Islamic Economic Studies, Comparative Economic Thought & History

Published Papers

Revitalization of Waqf in Singapore: Regional Path Dependency of the New Horizons
Shinsuke NAGAOKA
Kyoto Bulletin of Islamic Area Studies   8 4-18   2016   [Refereed]
Resuscitation of the Antique Economic System or Novel Sustainable System? Revitalization of the Traditional Islamic Economic Institutions (Waqf and Zakat) in the Postmodern Era
Shinsuke NAGAOKA
Kyoto Bulletin of Islamic Area Studies   7 3-19   2014   [Refereed]
Critical Overview of the History of Islamic Economics: Formation, Transformation, and New Horizons
Shinsuke NAGAOKA
Asian and African Area Studies   11(2) 114-136   2012   [Refereed]
Reconsidering Mudarabah Contracts in Islamic Finance: What is the Economic Wisdom (Hikmah) of Partnership-based Instruments?
Shinsuke NAGAOKA
Review of Islamic Economics   13(2) 65-79   2010   [Refereed]
Beyond the Divergence/Convergence Theories in Islamic Finance: Analytical Reflections on Murabahah and Islamic Securities in Malaysia and the Gulf countries
Shinsuke NAGAOKA
Kyoto Bulletin of Islamic Area Studies   1(2) 72-91   2007   [Refereed]


On the Theoretical Dichotomy of Islamic Finance
Shinsuke NAGAOKA
Opalesque Islamic Finance Intelligence   6 19-20   2011   [Invited]
Islamic Finance as a Model of the Sustainable Financial System: Lessons from Financial Activities in the Pre-modern Islamic World
Shinsuke NAGAOKA
World Financial Review   May-June 42-45   2011   [Invited]
Islamic Finance and Revitalization of the Traditional Islamic Economic Institutions
Shinsuke NAGAOKA
MEI Insight   122 6-6   2015   [Invited]

Books etc

New Waves of Islamic Social Welfare in Southeast Asia
Shinsuke NAGAOKA, Mari ADACHI, Nur Izzati Binti Mohamad Norzilan (Part:Joint Work)
Hadhari Center for Islamic Civilizational Studies at Kyoto University   2019   
"The Future of Capitalism and the Islamic Economy"
Shinsuke NAGAOKA (Part:Contributor)
Stomu Yamash’ta, Tadashi Yagi and Stephen Hill eds. The Kyoto Manifesto for Global Economics: The Platform of Community, Humanity, and Spirituality. Springer, pp. 395-415   2018   
"Islamic Finance and Global Economic History: Beyond the Western Paradigm"
Shinsuke NAGAOKA (Part:Contributor)
Zamir Iqbal and Zurina Shafii eds. State of Islamic Finance: A Retrospective Assessment and Looking Forward. Bandar Baru Nilai: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, pp. 111-136   2015   
"Islamic Finance at the Two-Edged Blade? Conflict and Coordination between Sharia Legitimacy and Economic Feasibility"
Shinsuke NAGAOKA (Part:Contributor)
Finance islamique: regard(s) sur une finance alternative. Mazars: Blida (Algeria), pp. 268-273   2011   

Conference Activities & Talks

*Invited speeches & lectures only
For more details on my conference presentation, visit:
"Universalizing the Wisdom of Islamic Economics for the Reform of Capitalism" [Invited]
Shinsuke NAGAOKA
Global Forum on Islamic Economics, Finance and Banking 2018 at Faletti's Hotel, Lahore, Pakistan   20 Feb 2018   
"Reconsidering the Practice of Islamic Finance in Southeast Asia: Bridging the Dichotomy between the Idea and the Reality" [Invited]
Shinsuke NAGAOKA
Seminar at South East Asia Center, SNUAC, Seoul National University, Korea   24 Oct 2017   
"The Future of the Islamic Economy: Alternative System or New Economic Paradigm?" [Invited]
Shinsuke NAGAOKA
International Conference on Islamic Awakening (ICIA 2017): Towards Sustainable and Resilient Growth of Islamic Finance Industry through Innovation, Leadership and Management at Islamic University Of Maldives, Maldives   24 Sep 2017   
"How can Islamic Economic Knowledge Contribute to the Next-generation Global Economic System?" [Invited]
Shinsuke NAGAOKA
International Joint Conference on Islamic Economics and Finance in Istanbul at Titanic Business Bayrampasa, Istanbul, Turkey   1 Sep 2016   
"History of Islamic Economic Thought" [Invited]
Shinsuke NAGAOKA
3rd International Islamic Economics and Finance Summer School at Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, Turkey   29 Aug 2016   
"New Horizon of Islamic Economics in Second Decade of the 21st Century: Towards a New Universal Economic System" [Invited]
Shinsuke NAGAOKA
Bank Indonesia Knowledge Sharing Session on Islamic Banking Series #2 at Bank Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia   8 Mar 2013   
"Islamic Finance in East Asia: Current Situation & Future Prospects" [Invited]
Shinsuke NAGAOKA
Durham Islamic Finance Summer School 2010 at Durham University, UK   7 Jul 2010   
"A Theoretical Advantage of Islamic Macroecomonic System and its Implication to the Current Financial Crisis" [Invited]
Shinsuke NAGAOKA
A Meeting on Managing Assets from an Islamic Perspective in Light of the International Financial Crisis at King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia   10 Jun 2009