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Journal of International Studies   68(1) 169-185   2014年12月   [査読有り][招待有り]
The Monarchy in Thailand: At a Critical Royal Transition
Working Paper Series City University of Hong Konf   (145)    2013年6月   [査読有り][招待有り]
Thailand’s Red Networks: From Street Forces to Eminent Civil Society Coalitions
Occasional paper Freiburg University   (14)    2013年4月   [査読有り][招待有り]
Thai-Cambodian Conflict: The Failure of ASEAN's Dispute Settlement Mechanisms
Asian Journal of Peacebuilding   1(1) 65-86   2013年   [査読有り][招待有り]
The necessity of enemies in Thailand\ś troubled politics: The making of political "otherness"
P. Chachavalpongpun
Asian Survey   51(6) 1019-1041   2011年   [査読有り]


International Workshop on “Political Developments in Thailand”, organised by the Southeast Asia Research Center, City University of Hong Kong      2015年5月   [査読有り][依頼有り]
Thailand’s New Media Landscape: The Impacts of Political Crisis and Democracy
International Conference on “Multiple Lives of “Democracy”: from Europe to Asia-Pacific”, co-organised by Tallinn University and Taiwan Foundation for Democracy      2014年4月   [依頼有り]
Human Security in Myanmar: Caught between “Security” Discourse and Western Advocacy
International Academic Symposium on “Myanmar in Reform 2013”, organised by Faculty of Social Sciences, HKU; Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Singapore; and Centre for Myanmar Studies, Yunnan University      2013年6月   [依頼有り]
Human Security in Myanmar: Caught between “Security” Discourse and Western Advocacy
conference “Asian Solutions to Asian Problems? Bringing Together Development and Human Security in Asia”, at Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea      2013年5月   [依頼有り]
Responsibility to Protect in Southeast Asia: Enlarging Space for Civil Society”, paper presented at the conference
conference “Project Southeast Asia”, at Oxford University, United Kingdom      2013年3月   [依頼有り]
the topic, “Will Myanmar become a Democratic Country in Ten Years”
Pavin Chachavalpongpun
Appear in a televised programme, Bridging Asia, by Singapore’s Chanel News Asia, joining a debate      2012年   [査読有り]


Entering the Uncharted Waters: ASEAN and the South China Sea
ISEAS, Singapore   2014年   
Good Coup Gone Bad: Thailand’s Political Developments since Thaksin’s Downfall
Pavin Chachavalpongpun, editor (担当:編者)
ISEAS   2014年   
Preah Vihear: A Guide to the Thai-Cambodian Conflict and Its Solutions
Pavin Chachavalpongpun (担当:共著)
ISEAS   2013年   
ASEAN-US Relations: What are the Talking Points?
ISEAS, Singapore   2011年   
The Road to Ratification and Implication of the ASEAN Charter
ISEAS, Singapore   2009年   
A Plastic Nation: The Curse of Thainess in Thai-Burmese Relations
Pavin Chachavalpongpun
University Press of America   2005年6月   


Coup, King, Crisis: Thailand’s Political Developments at a Crossroads [招待有り]
Southeast Asian Studies Program at Freiburg University, Freiburg   2015年7月6日   
From Bhumibol to Vajiralongkorn: Neo-Royalism and the Future of Thai Monarchy [招待有り]
SOAS   2015年6月29日   
Thailand in Sino-US Rivalry [招待有り]
Southeast Asian Studies Program at Freiburg University, Freiburg   2015年6月24日   
The Evolving Process of ASEAN Regionalism: The Implications to Taiwan and Thailand [招待有り]
Institute of International Relations, Taiwan   2015年6月11日   
Coup, King, Crisis: What’s Next for Thailand? [招待有り]
National Chi Nan University   2015年6月10日   
Thailand and ASEAN Regionalism: A China Factor [招待有り]
national Chengchi University   2015年6月9日   
Thai Political Situation [招待有り]
Taiwanese Foreign Ministry   2015年6月8日   
Political Developments in Thailand [招待有り]
City University of Hong Kong   2015年5月26日   
Academic Cooperation and Research in Non-Democracies [招待有り]
Stockholm University   2015年4月29日   
Thai Political Situation [招待有り]
Swedish Foreign Ministry   2015年4月29日   
Thai Political Situation [招待有り]
Moscow State Institute for International Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia   2015年4月24日   
Thai Political Situation [招待有り]
Estonian Foreign Ministry   2015年4月21日   
The Thai Coup and Foreign Policy [招待有り]
Tallinn University   2015年4月15日   
Breaking the Cycle of Coups: The Future of Thai Democracy [招待有り]
The 4th Southeast Asian Studies Symposium 2015 jointly organised by Oxford University and Malaysia’s Sunway University   2015年3月20日   
The Challenge to a Dhammaraja: The Twentieth Thai Coup and the Royal Succession [招待有り]
SceincesPo   2015年3月6日   
Realignment of Power The Impact of the 2014 Coup on Thailand’s Foreign Relations
SOAS   2015年3月4日   
Post-coup Thailand: Anxiety over the Royal Succession
LSE   2015年3月4日   
Thai Political Situation [招待有り]
British foreign and Commonwealth Office   2015年3月3日   
Thailand after the Coup: Prospects for Democracy [招待有り]
Aberystwyth University   2015年2月27日   
Coup, King, Crisis: What's Next for Thailand? [招待有り]
St Antony's Oxford University   2015年2月25日   
Media, Political Crisis and Democracy: The Case of Thailand, in an International Conference on “Multiple Lives of Democracy: From Europe to Asia Pacific
Multiple Lives of Democracy: From Europe to Asia Pacific   2014年4月25日   Tallinn University, Estonia
The Royal Succession and Thailand’s Democracy
The 12th International Conference on Thai Studies, University of Sydney   2014年4月23日   University of Sydney
Après Moi, le Déluge: The Monarchy and Thai Politics Since the 2006 Coup
Giving a talk   2013年3月15日   University of Wisconsin-Madison
The Monarchy and Thailand’s Political Crisis
Giving a talk   2013年2月21日   Bristol University
Thailand’s Political Developments and the End of the Bhumibol Era
Giving a talk   2013年2月13日   Frieburg University, Germany
Thailand’s Political Conflict and the Impact onForeign Policy
Giving a talk at LSE   2013年1月15日   LSE, UK.
Killing in the Name of the King: Thailand’sPolitical Developments since Thaksin’s Downfall
Giving a talk at SOAS   2013年1月14日   SOAS
Punishing in the Name of the King: Lèse-majesté Law and the Impact on Internet Freedom
Internet Freedom and the Law   2012年12月10日   Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia
Citizens’ Participation and Local Governance
2012年11月21日   The Konrad Adenauer School for Young Politicians (KASYP)
Thailand’s Domestic Crisis
2012年11月20日   Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace
The death of Cambodia’s King Norodom Sihanouk
Interview with NHK World “Asian Voices”   2012年11月1日   NHK
Myanmar’s ASEAN Chairmanship in 2004
Directions and Determinants in Myanmar/Burma’s Legal Reform Process   2012年10月12日   by Singapore Management University
Thailand’s Minority Report: Obscuring Truth, Obstructing Reconciliation
2012年10月11日   Singapore’s Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS)
“Ordinary People in an Extraordinary Time: The ASEAN Case Studies”
2012年10月8日   The invitation of Songkla Nagarin University
Participate in a conference at GRIPS and present a paper on “Japan- ASEAN Relations: The East Asian Community and the China Factor”
the International Workshop on “ASEAN-Japan Research Project”   2012年10月5日   Institute of Southeast Asian Studies and GRIPS
River Deep, Ambition High: Thailand’s Position in the GMS, Twenty Years On
International Conference on “The Third Southwest Forum: Review and Preview on Two Decades of GMS Cooperation   2012年9月14日   GMS Study Centre Yunnan University, East Asia Institute of National University of Singapore, GMS Tertiary Education Consortium and CSEAS