Yoko Nagahara

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Yoko Nagahara
Kyoto University

Conference Activities & Talks

"Conceiving historical reconciliation in East Asia in the context of world history of decolonization
Yoko Nagahara
Jeju Forum   29 May 2014   
Colonial Violence/Colonial Guilt/Colonial Responsibilities in World History [Invited]
Yoko Nagahara
17 Oct 2013   
History as an African Potential: ¬Conflict and Reconciliation in Relation to Namibia’s Colonial Past [Invited]
Yoko Nagahara
2nd African Forum: Harare] “Conflict Resolution and Coexistence through Reassessment and Utilization of “African Potentials”   7 Dec 2012   
Asia and Africa in World War II
Yoko Nagahara
The First Congress of the Asian Association of World Historians   30 May 2009