Ikefuji Masako

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Ikefuji Masako
University of Tsukuba
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Job title
Associate Professor

Research Areas


Published Papers

Earthquake risk embedded in property prices: Evidence from five Japanese cities
Ikefuji, Masako;Laeven, Roger J. A.;Magnus, Jan R.;Yue, Yuan
Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper   (TI 2018-061/III)    Jul 2018
Time discounting, ambiguity aversion, and preferences for future environmental policies: Evidence from discrete choice experiments
Hirata, Kenjiro;Ikeda, Shinsuke;Ikefuji, Masako;Kang, Myong-Il;Yamada, Katsunori
ISER Discussion Paper, Osaka University      Oct 2017
Weitzman meets Nordhaus: Expected utility and catastrophic risk in a stochastic economy-climate model
Ikefuji, Masako;Laeven, R.J.A.;Magnus, J.R.;Muris, C.
ISER Discussion Paper, Osaka University   (825)    Dec 2011
Adaptation for mitigation
Ikefuji, Masako;Magnus, J.R.;Sakamoto, Hiroaki
Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper   (TI2014-126/III)    2014
The impact of natural disasters on economic growth
Osaka Economic Papers   55(4) 52-59   Mar 2006

Books etc

Handbook of Environmental Economics in Asia
Horii, Ryo;Ikefuji, Masako (Part:Contributor, Environment and Growth)
Routledge, N.Y.   2015   

Teaching Experience