NITTA Takahiro

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NITTA Takahiro
Gifu University
Faculty of Engineering
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Nitta T(Hokkaido Univ.),Haga H(Hokkaido Univ),KAWABATA K(Hokkaido Univ),ABE K(Hokkaido Univ.),SAMBONGI T(Hokkaido Univ)
223-226   Feb 2000
Time Dependent Static Friction Force of Agar Gel-on-Glass Plate Immersed in Water
NITTA T(Hokkaido Univ.),HAGA H(Hokkaido Univ.),KAWABATA K(Hokkaido Univ.)
Pr9-319-Pr9-320   Dec 2002
NITTA T(Hokkaido Univ.),ENDO Y(Hokkaido Univ.),HAGA H(Hokkaido Univ.),KAWABATA K(Hokkaido Univ.)
277-281   Jan 2003
Nitta Takahiro(Gifu Univ&Univ Washington),Hess Henry(Univ. of Florida&Univ. of Washington)
1337-1342   Jul 2005
Nitta Takahiro(Dept. of Math. and Design Eng., Gifu Univ.)
1447-1453   Mar 2010
マイクロパターン基板上でのMycoplasma mobile滑走運動のシミュレーション
2P1-B10(1)-2P1-B10(4)   Jun 2010


Afrin, T., A. M. R. Kabir, K. Sada, A. Kakugo* and T. Nitta*
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications   480 132-138   2016   [Refereed]
Inoue, D., T. Nitta, A. M. R. Kabir, K. Sada, J. P. Gong, A. Konagaya, and A. Kakugo*
Nature Communications   7(12557) 1-10   2016   [Refereed]
Palacci, H., O. Idan, M. J. Armstrong, A. Agarwal, T. Nitta and H. Hess*
Langmuir   32 7943-7950   2016   [Refereed]
Yuki Ishigure, Takahiro Nitta, Takahiro Nitta
2013 International Symposium on Micro-NanoMechatronics and Human Science, MHS 2013      Jan 2013
Motor protein kinesin has been utilized as nano-and microscale material transport system (so-called molecular shuttles driven by kinesin motors). Successful transports rely on guidance of molecular shuttles movements with microfabricated guiding t...
Nitta, T.* and H. Hess
Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering   6(1) 109-115   2013   [Refereed]
Luria, I., J. Crenshaw, M. Downs, A. Agarwal, S. B. Seshadri, J. Gonzales, O. Idan, J. Kamcev, P. Katira, S. Pandey, T. Nitta, S. R. Phillpot and H. Hess*,
Soft Matter,   7 3108-3115   2011   [Refereed]
Nitta, T.*, A. Tanahashi, M. Hirano and H. Hess*,
Lab on a Chip,   6 881-885   2006   [Refereed]
“Visualization of dynamic organization of cytoskelton gels in living cells by hybrid-SPM”
Kawabata, K.*, Y. Sado, M. Nagayama, T. Nitta, K. Nemoto, Y. Koyama and H. Haga,
Chinese Journal of Polymer Science,   21 169-174   2003   [Refereed]
Takahiro Nitta, Akihito Tanahashi, Yu Obara, Motohisa Hirano, Maria Razumova, Michael Regnier, Henry Hess
Nano Letters   8 2305-2309   2008   [Refereed]
The design of nanoscale transport systems utilizing motor proteins as engines has advanced rapidly. Here, actin/myosin-and microtubule/kinesin-based molecular shuttles are compared with respect to their requirements for track designs. To this end,...
Kazushige Kawabata, Hisashi Haga, Takahiro Nitta, Yuusuke Endo, Masafumi Nagayama, Etsuro Ito, Takashi Sambongi
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering   3922 91-98   Jan 2000
We have focused on effects of local mechanical properties of the cell on cell motion. By using atomic force microscopy, we measured spatial distribution of local elastic modulus on mouse fibroblasts (NIH3T3), which is living in a physiological con...
Takahiro Nitta, Hisashi Haga, Kazushige Kawabata, Kazuhiro Abe, Takashi Sambongi
Ultramicroscopy   82 223-226   2000   [Refereed]
Measurements of the local elastic modulus of agar gels obtained with atomic force microscope (AFM) force mapping were compared with values obtained by the tensile creep method. The observed spatial distributions of the local elastic modulus over t...
Takahiro Nitta, Takahiro Nitta, Henry Hess, Henry Hess
Nano Letters   5 1337-1342   2005   [Refereed]
Active transport driven by molecular motors is a key technology for the continued miniaturization of lab-on-a-chip devices, because it is expected to enable nanofluidic devices with channel diameters of less than 1 mm and total channel lengths on ...
Takahiro Nitta, Takahiro Nitta, Henry Hess
Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering   6 109-115   Mar 2013
Two-stage analyte capture in biosensors utilizing molecular shuttles, nanoscale transporters powered by motor proteins, has been studied with a previously developed computer simulation to explicitly account for the multiscale nature of shuttle tra...
Motohisa Hirano, Hiroki Murase, Takahiro Nitta, Tomonori Ito
Journal of Physics: Conference Series   258    Dec 2010
Whether or not the friction transition [1, 2] occurs in the frictional systems of W(011) and Si(001) atomically clean surfaces has been examined in relation to a previous ultrahigh vacuum scanning tunneling microscopy experiment investigating fric...
Takuya Sunagawa, Akihito Tanahashi, Motohisa Hirano, Matthew E. Downs, Henry Hess, Takahiro Nitta
Proceedings of Conference, MicroTAS 2009 - The 13th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences   207-209   Jan 2009
We report an in silico optimization method of guiding track designs for molecular shuttles powered by kinesin motors (hereafter, molecular shuttles). The optimization was performed with a real parameter genetic algorithm (GA). GAs are optimization...
Takuya Sunagawa, Akihito Tanahashi, Matthew E. Downs, Henry Hess, Takahiro Nitta
Lab on a Chip - Miniaturisation for Chemistry and Biology   13 2827-2833   2013   [Refereed]
Molecular shuttles powered by kinesin motors require guiding tracks to perform specific tasks in nanoscale devices. Here, using our simulation of molecular shuttle movements, we describe an in silico evolutionary design method that makes it possib...
Takahiro Nitta, Yuichi Hiratsuka
2013 International Symposium on Micro-NanoMechatronics and Human Science, MHS 2013      Jan 2013
Inspired by melanophores, we envisioned an optical device which was switched between bright and dark states, reversibly. We proposed the working principle of the device which utilized self-organizations of microtubules and kinesin motors. By using...
Yoshihiro Okamoto, Kazuyuki Nishio, Jun Ichi Sugiura, Motohisa Hirano, Takahiro Nitta
Journal of Physics: Conference Series   89 
We performed a study on the static friction of PDMS elastomers with well-defined surface topography sliding over glass. An experimental setup for simultaneous measurements of friction force and direct observations of frictional interface has been ...
Takahiro Nitta, Akihito Tanahashi, Motohisa Hirano
Lab on a Chip - Miniaturisation for Chemistry and Biology   10 1447-1453   2010   [Refereed]
We present an extended computer simulation method which allows in silico design and testing of guiding tracks for molecular shuttles powered by kinesin motors. The simulation reproduced molecular shuttle movements under external forces and dissoci...
Walter Paxton, Samuel Sanchez, Samuel Sanchez, Takahiro Nitta
IEEE Transactions on Nanobioscience   14 258-259
Takahiro Nitta, Yusuke Endo, Hisashi Haga, Kazushige Kawabata
Journal of Electron Microscopy   52 277-281   2003   [Refereed]
The inhomogeneous structure of agar gels was examined by means of mechanical-scanning probe microscopy. Several domains were observed in the elasticity images, while such domains could not be seen in the height images. The domain size decreased wi...
Rodney R. Agayan, Robert Tucker, Robert Tucker, Takahiro Nitta, Takahiro Nitta, Felix Ruhnow, Wilhelm J. Walter, Stefan Diez, Stefan Diez, Henry Hess, Henry Hess
Langmuir   29 2265-2272   2013   [Refereed]
Isopolar arrays of aligned cytoskeletal filaments are components in a number of designs of hybrid nanodevices incorporating biomolecular motors. For example, a combination of filament arrays and motor arrays can form an actuator or a molecular eng...
Isaac Luria, Jasmine Crenshaw, Matthew Downs, Matthew Downs, Ashutosh Agarwal, Ashutosh Agarwal, Shruti Banavara Seshadri, John Gonzales, Ofer Idan, Jovan Kamcev, Parag Katira, Shivendra Pandey, Takahiro Nitta, Simon R. Phillpot, Henry Hess
Soft Matter   7 3108-3115   May 2011
Biotinylated microtubules partially coated with streptavidin and gliding on a surface coated with kinesin motors can cross-link with each other and assemble into nanospools with a diameter of a few micrometres. The size distribution of these nanos...
S. Ramachandran, D. Wu, T. Nitta, R. Tucker, A. Phillips, H. Hess
2005 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - NSTI Nanotech 2005 Technical Proceedings   393   Dec 2005
Biomolecular motors, such as the motor protein kinesin, are sophisticated biological nanomachines, and are currently unrivaled in their performance as nanoscale engines. The integration of these motors into synthetic devices will permit active tra...
Yuki Ishigure, Takahiro Nitta
IEEE Transactions on Nanobioscience   14 641-648   2015   [Refereed]
© 2002-2011 IEEE. We present a simulation study of an actomyosin in vitro motility assay. In vitro motility assays have served as an essential element facilitating the application of actomyosin in nanotechnology; such applications include biosenso...
Takahiro Nitta, Kazushige Kawabata
Japanese Journal of Tribology   52 383-390
Motohisa Hirano, Takahiro Nitta, Kana Sengoku, Kazuyuki Nishio
Transactions of the Japan Society for Computational Engineering and Science   2013    Jan 2013
We have proposed a new method of forecasting pollen dispersal by combining the non-linear least squares method with neural networks. Because making highly accurate estimates of pollen count in cedar forests is critical for improving the accuracy o...
Takahiro Nitta, Akihito Tanahashi, Motohisa Hirano, Henry Hess
Micro Total Analysis Systems - Proceedings of MicroTAS 2006 Conference: 10th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences   1360-1362
A computer simulation for kinesin/microtubule-based molecular shuttles has been developed. This simulation tool reproduced transport and detachment properties of the molecular shuttles. Use of this simulator enables the rational designs of the ele...
Yuki Ishigure, Takahiro Nitta, Takahiro Nitta
Langmuir   30 12089-12096   2014   [Refereed]
© 2014 American Chemical Society. Microtransporters using cargo-laden microtubules propelled by kinesin motors are attractive for numerous applications in nanotechnology. To improve the efficiency of transport, the movement of microtubules must be...
Takahiro Nitta, Akihito Tanahashi, Motohisa Hirano, Henry Hess
Lab on a Chip - Miniaturisation for Chemistry and Biology   6 881-885
Molecular shuttles based on the motor protein kinesin and microtubule filaments have the potential to extend the lab-on-a-chip paradigm to nanofluidics by enabling the active, directed and selective transport of molecules and nanoparticles. Based ...
Takahiro Nitta, Takahiro Nitta, Hideaki Kato, Hisashi Haga, Koji Nemoto, Kazushige Kawabata
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan   74 2875-2879   2005   [Refereed]
We measure the static friction Fc of agar gels on glass substrates immersed in water. Fc is independent of the nominal contact area, and increases with the normal load and the duration tw of contact prior to sliding. Using a confocal laser-scannin...
T. Nitta, H. Haga, K. Kawabata
Journal De Physique. IV : JP   12 
We measured the static friction force of agar gel-on-glass plate in water. The static friction force is independent of the apparent contact area between the agar gel and the glass plate. It increases with waiting time, that is, contact duration pr...
K. Kawabata, Y. Sado, M. Nagayama, T. Nitta, K. Nemoto, Y. Koyama, H. Haga
Chinese Journal of Polymer Science (English Edition)   21 169-174
We succeeded in performing of hybrid Scanning Probe Microscopy (hybrid-SPM) in which mechanical-SPM and fluorescence microscopy are combined. This technique is able to measure simultaneously mechanical properties and distribution of cytoskeletons ...

Research Grants & Projects

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(若手研究(B))
Project Year: 2009 - 2010    Investigator(s): Takahiro NITTA
Purposes of this study are to develop a computer simulation which reproduced gliding movements of Mycoplasma mobile on micropatterned surfaces, and a searching method for efficient micropatterns. To this end, we observed gliding movements of M.mob...
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 2012 - 2014
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 2012 - 2015