Chin-Cheng (Scotty) YANG

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Chin-Cheng (Scotty) YANG
Scotty Yang
Kyoto University
Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere
Job title
Junior Associate Professor
PhD(National Taiwan University)
Research funding number


Research interests in our lab include genetics, genomics, behaviors and ecology of invasive ants, with a particular emphasis on invasive fire ants (Solenopsis) and crazy ants (Paratrechina & Anoplolepis). We also are interested in various topics in the research field of urban entomology, particularly on understanding how insects adapt to anthropogenic environments and mechanisms underlying such adaptation.

Major ongoing projects in our lab are focused on:
1. reconstruction of invasion history for globally invasive ants using historic record and genetic/genomic resources
2. characterization of ant invasiveness through behavioral, genetic and genomic approach
3. to link behavioral, physiological responses of invasive ants to pathogen infection and potential adaptive advantages
4. application of our research outcome into development of a bio-rational management framework against invasive ants
5. development of novel management strategies on urban pests

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Aug 2011
Mar 2016
Assistant Professor, National Taiwan University


Sep 2006
Jun 2010
PhD, Department of Entomology, National Taiwan University
Sep 2004
Jun 2006
MS, Department of Entomology, National Taiwan University
Sep 2000
Jun 2004
BS, Department of Entomology, National Taiwan University

Committee Memberships

Mar 2017
Ecological Society of Japan  Ecological Society of Japan
Taiwan Entomological Society  Taiwan Entomological Society

Published Papers

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Books etc

Encyclopedia of Social Insects
YANG Chin-Cheng Scotty, Shoemaker DD (Part:Joint Work, Tramp ants)
Nature Springer   2019   
Invasive Alien Ants
YANG Chin-Cheng Scotty, Hashimoto Y (Part:Joint Work, Yellow crazy ant)
Asakura Publishing   2019   

Conference Activities & Talks

“Crazy” people are what we need for the ''crazy'' ant project: the role of social media in invasive ant research [Invited]
YANG Chin-Cheng Scotty, Tseng SP, Lee CC, Nakao H, Ito F
The 39th Annual Meeting of Taiwan Entomological Society   21 Oct 2018   
Enemy (pathogen) release in success of fire ant invasion and its management implication [Invited]
YANG Chin-Cheng Scotty
he 8th East Asia Federation of Ecological Study International Congress   25 Apr 2018   
What can we learn from bridgehead invasion of the fire ant Solenopsis invicta?
YANG Chin-Cheng Scotty
The 65th Annual Meeting of Ecological Society of Japan, Sapporo, Japan.   Mar 2018   
Ecology and management of the invasive species: yellow crazy ant as an example.
YANG Chin-Cheng Scotty
The 7th International Symposium for Sustainable Humanosphere, Bogor, Indonesia.   Nov 2017   
Movement control of fire ant in Taiwan [Invited]
YANG Chin-Cheng Scotty
Fire Ant Workshop   10 Oct 2017   
A new challenge to conventional ant baiting: virus-induced changes in foraging behavior and macronutrient preference of invasive ants? [Invited]
YANG Chin-Cheng Scotty
The 1st Asia Research Node Symposium on Humanosphere Science, Penang, Malaysia.   Jan 2017   
How is climate change facilitating success of invasive species?
YANG Chin-Cheng Scotty
International Symposium for Sustainable Humanosphere, Bogor, Indonesia.   Nov 2016   
Worker reproduction in the invasive ant species Anoplolepis gracilipes
Lee CC, Lin CC, YANG Chin-Cheng Scotty
The 37th Annual Meeting of Taiwan Entomological Society, Taipei, Taiwan   Oct 2016   
Invasive ants and their impacts to viable and sustainable pest management [Invited]
YANG Chin-Cheng Scotty
Pest Summit, Singapore   Aug 2016   
Wolbachia infection in the invasive longhorn crazy ant: worldwide spread, selective sweep and horizontal transfer?
Tseng SP, Shoemaker DD, Yoshimura T, YANG Chin-Cheng Scotty
The 2nd Asia Research Node Symposium on Humanosphere Science, Kyoto, Japan.   Jul 2017